And the Epic begins!

I am the lazy type when it comes to a few things. Especially when it comes to reading the Indian Epic, Mahabharata! I have tried reading it and I have failed miserably. I mean the story has so many twists & turns from centuries ahead and behind it that it tends to get confused when one is trying to visualize the whole thing.

That too when the whole epic happens not just because of actions gone wrong but there is a very big power play done using words. Unless you remember each and every word used almost 50 chapters before, you will get confused. Or at the least I get confused. So I prefer watching the epic over reading it. Ofcourse, the series version might change and tweak a few things here and there. But I am always hooked to the Mahabharata series than the book.

There have been a lot of versions in this category as well. My most favourite one was the old one produced by BeRe. Right after that now the one being aired in Vijay TV is what attracts me a lot. Right from the characterisation, the dialogues and settings, everything has been done very well and they haven’t messed it up that much.

Last night they began airing the series again from the beginning.

What I am planning to do is just post my thoughts here daily as I watch one episode after another.

Hoping to make a habit…

So the first episode starts off with Sathyavathi catching the golden dolphin like fish while Shantanu is with her. The best way to show her character in one scene. A woman can be stubborn and aim for the skies. But then thinking that she would do it all by herself is a little too much and then there is this wish(the greed, or give any name for it) in her. Maybe she is just a plain attention grabber…

There is the story teller Krishna who has the decency to introduce himself in a nice garden backdrop. Honestly if that place were real, I would go and stay there for as long as possible. This guy gives out the prologue of the story and what to expect out of it.

In short he says this epic is nothing but a foetus formed through greed but enlightenment is the child born!

And then the episode continues with the appearance of Devavridhan and Shantanu discovering that he is his long lost son he had with Ganga. It feels a little rushed with the background here. I mean Ganga and Shantanu have a brief past which ends up in a not so good way.

Then there is this greedy (yes, she is greedy!) Sathyavathi. Wanting to become the queen and nothing less, she puts the man who loves her in complete pain. So Devavridhan takes things into his hands. This is where things start to go wrong. One woman not wanting to adjust for the sake of the guy she loves and one man taking the worst decision one could ever take.

She honestly didn’t want to be someone’s step mother. She does not want to be the moon of the Suriya Vamsam! Too bad! Seriously how can a woman think to that extent? Isn’t that what a female is taught all her life. To sacrifice everything for her in-laws? for her to-be husband?

Once she explains her greed and stupidity this guy decides to take up and oath. And there they end the episode. Not much. But a lot more to go..


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