Let the banes flow in!

And then Devavridhan becomes Bheeshma! The worst oath one could have taken… Seriously…

There were more diplomatic solutions to the problem that Sathyavathi presented. He could have simply sworn that after him, Sathyavathi’s son would become the heir and the eldest will rule. What is so wrong with that idea? And why didn’t it occur to him that a simple word was enough there instead of a big oath erupting the ganges into the sky?

Later they show Vichithraveeryan, Sathyavathi’s younger son! The rogue one of the two sons she had. And how is he introduced? As a prisoner in Panchalam. His sins? He had went there and done deeds that were absolutely wrong. Like burning of a rice field and harassing women… Sounds like a spoilt brat from the beginning right?

Why wouldn’t he be a spoilt kid? The prince, who need not do anything to take care of the reign. When there is a guy like Bheeshma, why would one do any of the hard work?

And then I see the first curse that starts the train of curses in this series.

Panchalam’s king curses Bheeshma (as he rescues Vichithraveeryan) that a child born there would be the reason for his decline and death. Word play begins here!

So who is next? Oh… There is Ambai… The fierce woman who belongs to our generation but unfortunately is born in that yuga. A yuga where women need to be escorted anywhere and everywhere. Even when she is “secretly” meeting her lover. She has to cross a river. Instead the fiery woman lights up the paddy field and crosses it through the fire.

That is what I like about Mahabharatha… Each character develops over time, over the wounds and finally comes out as a gem!

We then see Bheeshma teaching, no no… Trying to teach Vichithraveeryan to fight. To man up. His mother mans up pretty well. She really is a b***h man! She knows he son is at fault and this guy is trying to knock some sense into the rich brat. Poor Bheeshma! Always so powerful, yet so helpless.

My sweet darling Krishna comes in to give the end note for the episode. Oh! I can just marry that guy then and there and live in that Brindavan for eternity man!

Well anyways he speaks about two types of parenting. The kind which moulds the mud, puts it in a furnace for it to become a beautiful doll or anything. The other kind which just keeps watering the mud thinking that the water will do all the work and produce a clay pot. Not knowing that the clay gets no where without all the harnessing.

And that ends the episode there! A story that talks about parenting, both good and bad resulting in a big war among the entire dynasty!



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