The ghost just appeared!

Of all the movies I have watched in the theater, I just had to fall asleep during the Annabelle. Not that the movie was boring.

Let me get you the whole story now.

I am the scaredy cat who gets afraid of the dark from time to time especially after I watch a horror movie. Just the ringing of my landline phone scared the shit out of me for a week after I saw “When a stranger calls”

After a long time I got to catch up with some friends and we all decided that we will watch Annnnabella (as my friend pronounced it) since that was the only movie that had free seats.


Now I gotta tell you that I had been working all day (from 5:30 am) and never got any rest before i went to meet up with them. Also I had been wanting to meet my friends for quite some time. So we all settle into our seats right before the movie starts and a guy decides that is when he will call his wife/lover/SO or whoever the heck that is and talk in a horribly loud voice throughout the first 20 min of the movie. As if the movie already didn’t have a big plot like Conjuring did. The movie plot was simple. But there was something they were narrating in the beginning which we failed to understand due to the noisy-always-on-the-phone guy.

I think that is supposed to be the only major dialogue apart from the screams and bang bang sound you will come across occasionally. You know how the movie goes right? Honestly it isn’t much. It goes in a rather slow pace. The first appearance of the ghost comes right before the intermission. The female protagonist hears some sound and goes searching for it from room to room. So a good 10 minutes is spent in complete silence apparently meant for building up the suspense. Unfortunately for me, I slept off during that exact time.

So yeah! Yup! You heard that right. I slept while we were watching the horror movie that too at night. The ghost comes scaring the shit out of most people and there I am sleeping in the movie hall. None of my friends notice it actually. My bestie (I really hate him 😛 ) just informed the other friend sitting next to me that I might fall asleep. So this guy turns around to find me sleeping nicely. He wakes me up and guess what he says…

“The ghost just appeared!” and we both started laughing at that. Curse the director for keeping an intermission there. All my friends got to know and till date they tease me with it every time I say that I am feeling sleepy or tired. Nice recognition though…

Now I am well known among my friends for sleeping through a horror movie. Thank you Annabelle….




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