The great marriage proposal

So Vichithraveeryan is a fit for nothing except for drinking and other such stupid activities. Any sensible Kshatriya would handle him the way Bheeshma does. A brother has to be strict when needed right? But this guy has to become the king right?

So what is the next best thing to do after beating the shit out of him? Get him married to three girls! Yup! Get a guy with no strength both physically and mentally married to three young princesses and hope he gets the responsibility in him some day!

Sathyavathi almost literally orders Bheeshma to go and get them for this guy. Vichithraveeryan is so ball-less that even for getting three princesses to marry him, his elder brother has to go on his behalf.

Mr.I-will-be-your-eternal-babysitter goes to Kasi to ask all the three princesses to become queens of Hastinapur. What are they? Some dolls present in a shop display? A swayamvar is conducted so that these girls get a chance to choose a husband of their own will from the lot their father picks for them. But this guy asks these girls in alms like they are some used clothes.

Too bad that Ambai already has a guy in mind. The king Salwa goes against Bheeshma who invites him for a duel. When he gets knocked out by Bheeshma, Ambai reveals that she has been in love with the said king and she was going to put the garland on Salwa’s neck and get married to him.

Which is bad because that is not how a swayamvara works it seems. So Bheeshma takes back home Ambika and Ambalika who are free to marry anyone or in this case poor ol’ Vichithraveeryan leaving behind Ambai to marry king Salwa. Like he is doing her a favour, or as if she asked him to do her a favour.

But will any dignified man go on to marry the girl who was left behind like she was some kind of stale food? Especially after he was defeated in a not so good way in front of a lot of other princes and the girl he loves? Will he?

Will any of you for that matter?


So when she goes to Salwa he says that he has lost her to the great Bheeshma and he can no more marry her. Dejected, and rejected both by her father and her lover, Ambai goes to Hastinapur to seek justice and probably marry Bheeshma.

The lines I liked the most are the ones she says about the woman’s say in her marriage. “It is the woman who has the last say in the marriage. It is the guy who ‘asks’ for her hand. As in almost like begs for her to be his wife. The decision lies with the woman and never with the man.” Unfortunately here Bheeshma took them by force which symbolises that forced marriages have been happening from that long back as well.

From that time onwards a girl’s freedom has been subjected to question but never given to her!



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