A grudge!

Agilam potrum Bharatham

Idhu inaiyilladha kaaviyam

As Ambai stands there demanding justice. The justice that she deserves. Bheeshma says that what she had planned in her Swayamvara is wrong. While she claims what Bheeshma did was wrong. So she says that he ought to marry her, since he was the one who won her in the swayamvara. Since Bheeshma had taken an oath of Bachelorhood for eternity he says that he cannot marry her. Well she wants to marry him just so that she can so him what living hell can be like.

Little did she know that his life will be like that at one point of time

She says that she is going to gather an army against Bheeshma and fight for justice. But then he advises her to go meet his guru, Parashuram. The only one who has the power to fight and even kill Bheeshma.

She goes in search of Parashuram. The kshatriya-hating-brahmin who is willing to teach other non-kshatriyas, Shiva’s direct student.

When she tells him that his dearest student Bheeshma has done injustice to her, he refuses to believe her. He says that his student never hurts anyone.

He turns a deaf ear to the wailing woman and goes back into his cave. Leaving her screaming out his name and crying at her own helpless self. Wondering what to do to satisfy her vengeance.



Now this is where Krishna sweetheart (yes I would like to call him sweetheart) enters and talks about having a grudge on someone. He says a shattered mind tends to choose the dark and evil path while the calm mind takes the path towards glory and enlightenment. The mind that follows god gets to the right path. Having a grudge is going to shatter the mind and soul even more. (this reminds me, I have my thoughts over the Grudge movies to pen down. Will have to do it sometime)

The scene shifts back to the Coronation ceremony of Vichithraveeryan where he is showing signs of distress and anxiety. Everyone fails to notice it.

People get shocked when his walk is faltering and he almost falls down on his way to the throne.


This guy does not deserve the throne and so fate makes him die before he can even think about it.



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