No heir? No problem!

The drunkard spoilt brat dies right before he could start climbing the stairs to the throne. How ironic!

The same brat for whom Bheeshma had taken that oath of Bachelorhood died ending the dynasty there. He dies leaving no heir to the throne. Just two new wives!

Poor Bheeshma loses hope. I mean who wouldn’t? First Chithrangadhan (Sathyavathi’s first son) died. Now Vichithraveeryan. I pity those two girls from Kasi the most. I mean they are first forced to marry a brat. And the brat dies right before their eyes even before they had shared enough intimacy with him. No child to bring up in his memory.

That is when Sathyavathi gives them the word that their sons would adorn the throne! Both Ambika and Ambalika are shocked. Two widows, without child! How are they supposed to give birth to a son without a husband?


Well it is the modern day IVF, if you ask me. Yup! These concepts were there way before we came up with the egg-sperm concept. Niyokyam is a method done by a sage with immense power. A method in which the sage’s eye sight on the said women would impregnate her.

But if I remember right, Sathyavathi would first ask Bheeshma to do the deed. Once he denies she would ask her first born son Veda Vyaas to come by. Without consulting the windowed girls!

Meanwhile Ambai is waiting for Parashuram to hear her out. She tends to commit suicide by jumping into a fire right in front of his cave. Hoping that he will get cursed for not giving justice to this woman.

But at the last moment he stops her and comes out to hear her plea. Strike one for Ambai!

And they skip the tedious 10 months of Ambika and Ambalika’s pregnancy. Oh wait! There is a maid who also gets impregnated by Vyaas. So there are a total of 3 boys.

Aayuvathi, the doctor comes in to the frame. She reveals that both the princes have deformities in their body.

One kid is blind while the other has a pale body. While the maid’s son is fit and healthy as pony! Well the back story to this is, when Vyaas looks into Ambika’s eyes she gets scared and closes her eyes. Thus giving birth to a blind child. When he looks into Ambalika’s eyes she starts trembling with fear. And thus the child with a weak and pale body. But the maid, she lets him do his job and does not falter a bit. Hence her son is the healthy kid in the neighbourhood.

Bheeshma takes it up to be his duty to train all the kids.

While they rejoice the heirs being born, Ambai is travelling through the storm towards Bheeshma! That female really is stubborn as hell!

The first epic battle is going to begin!


2 thoughts on “No heir? No problem!

    • Niyogam is a method where there is intercourse involved if I am not wrong. But it is explained in one version that what is done by Vyaas here is not exactly intercourse. He fathers the child, but not by the usual sex. The baby fathered by Vyaas will be born in a day. Or that is what I have read in one version.


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