So there was a small confusion in my previous post.

Niyoga (also pronounced as Nyoga) is a method used in royal families when a king dies without leaving a heir to the throne. The queen is allowed to have intercourse with another man just so that she gets pregnant.

There are two different versions of the same method mentioned in Mahabharata (I heard one from a teacher and one, I saw in the previous Be Re one)

One is where Vyaas actually has intercourse with Ambika, Ambalika and the maid(I keep forgetting her name) And the child is born within hours after the interaction. Because this person is a sage and has a lot of spiritual powers, this is possible it seems.

The other one is what I mentioned in my earlier post. Where Vyaas has the ability to impregnate those ladies with just a look. I mean this is the same thing that happens to Kunthi and even Sathyavathi. They all get this baby without having an actual physical interaction with the said counterpart. Even that method is Niyoga!

Also there might be some contradictory theories to this. So I am happy to discuss it here. That is what this blog is all about.

Coming to today’s post, a naming ceremony is conducted for the new born princes.

The first one (blind one) is named as Dhrithirashtra, the entire kingdom(rashtram) had been awaiting his birth. Hence the name.
The second one (the pale one) is named Pandu, he will be the one bringing in light to kingdom. Light as pale as his skin.

Just then Bheeshma barges in and asks why the third child is not named. The child of the prostitute/maid/slave fathered by Vyaas. While he thinks that this boy also deserves the same respect since the father is the same, Sathyavathi is again feeling threatened. She refuses to accept the boy. But does it because Bheeshma insists. That b***h wants everything to herself. Seriously the entire weakling problem started only after she got into the family tree. Until then everyone was healthy as a horse. She gives birth to two sons and both of them die. I think Vichithraveeryan had some kind of STD or something. Because he infects both the women and when Vyaas impregnates them they give birth to children with deformities. But a healthy maid who was never touched by Vichithraveeryan gives birth to a normal child.

So I say that basically Sathyavathi is infected with something that could be spread genetically leading to these kind of child births.

Or they are all just fated to be that way and deserves it because they did something in their past lives to deserve such a life and pain!

This third child is named to be the clever one among the three. While Dhrithirashtra will be the luxurious one, Pandu will be the courageous one, Vidhura will be the knowledgeable one. The most educated one!

In some versions it is shown that Sathyavathi accepts all three kids as equal. But Vidhura cannot get the throne because his mother is not royal (he goes on to become the minister)

While all is well in Hastinapura, Ambai sets her foot on the land to bring upon the first ever epic battle to come by. I mean this woman is hatred shaped into a feminine body or something. She gets happy over seeing destruction. Isn’t that just purely sick?

This much stubbornness in women will bring upon the destruction of an entire kingdom or even the world for sure!

She calls Bheeshma and says that his own guru has challenged him for a duel, a fight for her justice. She asks him to choose between marriage and death. Which in my opinion are the same if it is going to be with Ambai! Quoting her:

En sagodharigaluku enna sugam kidaithadhu? Vidhavai padhavi, Vyaasanodu udaluravu, Thaazhchi kulathu sisu

“What joy did my sisters get? Status as a widow, intercourse with Vyaas, defective children!”

Well those are pretty powerful words if you ask me. And she says that her joy depends on Bheeshma’s defeat. Which is again wrong on so many levels!

And there comes my darling Krishna with his ever glowing smile. Man! This guy portrays Krishna in such a wonderful way that we can really imagine Krishna to be exactly like him (looks wise and mannerism wise)

He lifts up the same two objects that Ambai holds in her hand, A necklace indicating marriage and a knife indicating death/ acceptance for battle with Parashuram.

When he says that Struggle is another word for future, it sounds so familiar and then you go, “hey! he is right!”

He nails it when he says that Life is nothing but what you experience in the present. Not the anticipation about your future or the anxiety over your past! The flute music in the background soothes you as this guy speaks more from the Bhagavad Geetha. He is right! Life won’t be interesting if you know what is going to happen next! It will be boring as hell.

Now comes the interesting part. The battle between a former student and the powerful teacher! Parashuram attacks while Bheeshma puts a defensive front. Which according to Parashuram is insulting and disobeying the teacher’s orders.

The fight happens on ground, in the air and even beneath the surface of the water. Which makes it a little comical but gives a strong point that it happens to be a fierce one sided fight. Bheesha does not fight back.

para1 para2

(why didn’t I think of taking screencaps from youtube?)

Well they again land in a forest and that is when Bheeshma takes up a fighting stance and thinks that it is time to fight back. I mean I pity Bheeshma. He tries hard not to fight his own guru. Little does he know that he is going to be standing almost in the same position where he will have to go against his own kin (his grand sons, great grand sons etc.)

The episode ends with the beginning of the first ever pointless epic fight happening over something so darn stupid because a b***h got dumped by a guy!



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