Nothing but Karma!

Finally the battle gets even when Bheeshma starts fighting back. The silent but eager spectators are Ganga and Ambai. While Ambai just wants to se Bheeshma’s head rolling near her feet, Ganga is a bit terrified about the fight as it is.

Both of them finally bring out their biggest weapons. Parashuram’s ax and Bheeshma’s Bhramasthra! Ganga then pleads Lord Shiva to stop this fight. If those two weapons collided, it will destroy the entire world. It will lead to apocalypse. So Shiva comes out and absorbs both the weapons. Stops the battle.


When Ambai asks for justice, he says that her wish will not come true in this birth and she will have to wait until her next birth to get Bheeshma killed. On that day Bheeshma will search for her, search for his death.

She is satisfied with his answer. But she still takes up almost an oath that she will be born again with the same amount of vengeance and hatred towards Bheeshma. She also curses him that the same throne for which he had ruined her life, will ruin his peaceful life. It will make him go mad, haunt him. It will make him search for death, death by her own hands!

Man! I never knew one could have this much vengeance and hatred over someone. Seriously, being a woman where did all the patience and tolerance go? Isn’t that what we are taught here in India? To tolerate and take in everything that is thrown at us?

A 25 year time shift is shown and we are taken to Panchalam. We see a happy Dhurupadhan coming out to announce Shikandi’s birth. Yes! This is Ambai coming back to the world. Being born to the people who hate Bheeshma, well not as much as she does; but yes! They hate him as well. They name the baby girl Shikandi and decide to seed the hatred in her from the very first day. Seriously people! Is this good parenting?

And then Krishna comes out to give his own words which resemble mine. So we sow; so we reap. But then the children are often tainted by the parents’ karma that they also take up the same path as their ancestors who make stupid mistakes.

Now we go to Gandharam. There we see Princess Gandhari. Who wakes up from sleep because it got dark. Which makes no sense because isn’t that how the nights will be? But then they make a point by showing that she is basically afraid of the darkness and would rather sleep with the lights on.

Too bad, she is going to spend the rest of her life in complete darkness, till death!

The king and queen of Gandharam are seen to be discussing their daughter’s marriage. That is when the chief warlord comes in to say that a big battalion is coming towards their small kingdom without any prior information. This happens to be one of the rules of war. You will have to try and settle the issue through talks with the king and only when that fails should you go for war.

They prepare for war!



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