A Subtle Entrance!

A big army was coming for them. Coming to light a big fire. A fire which is going to destroy everything as it is in the coming years.

Spies and scouts-men describe this majestic person who is leading the army. Gandhari’s father realizes that this man is none other than Bheeshma. What isn’t revealed is the pointlessness behind this war cry. Meanwhile Gandhari says that she is scared and hence will join the battle to get over it. So that she would somehow prevent the misery this fear is creating.

Which is a false feeling, says Krishna. He says that this fear itself is a false feeling. It is just another insecure feeling taking over our minds. I am not sure what to make of that. Because honestly in this world every one of us are always living in fear of something or the other all the time.

And then we go back to Gandharam where see Bheeshma’s army have hoisted the yellow flag which represents friendship. These bafoons in the city don’t realize that the only fraandship Hastinapur would want with them is that of Gandhari’s.

They invite Bheeshma in and when he proposes that he has come there in matrimony. The king and queen are shocked for a moment that this old man is asking their only daughter’s hand in marriage. No wonder no one has ever had a battle with Gandharam. They are stupid as fuck!

Subala (the king) is hesitant when Bheeshma says that he is asking Gandhari’s hand in matrimony for Dhrithirashtra and not Pandu. Gandhari has got the boon of giving birth to a 100 sons. 100 sons who would all die before they reach their fifties.

So this old man basically brings his army just to ask a princess to marry his blind prince. Won’t he ever learn? The last time he did something like this he made a woman go completely nuts that she killed herself so that she can be born again just to murder him. Bheeshma is no wise old man. He is worse than the stupid Gandharam royalty!

He could have went in person with just a few people right? No! He had to show them a big army and almost threaten them that if they didn’t handover Gandhari his army will probably destroy the entire city.

That is subtle!

While this young lady fantasizes over the charming prince she is going to marry, her parents are alarmed because they kind of standing at gun point at the edge of a cliff. Seriously this old man is keeping a knife to their throat and is asking them to give up their life force which happens to be their daughter. It is almost like a choice between murder and suicide.

Moronic ways to be continued!


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