Disability? Nope! Inability!

We are shown the heroics of Dhrithirashtra. He tries capturing three wild elephants inside an arena. Oh! the irony of it! Just because he wanted to prove that he is capable in front of citizens about whom he gives no care he decides to do something so stupid like this.

And when he puts himself in potential danger when Pandu comes and saves his ass. He should be grateful right? But no! He is angry that Pandu stole the spotlight. There isn’t one you dumbass! I hate this blind guy from the beginning.

Coping up with a physical challenge is not wrong. But seeding negative thoughts about it and thinking power is the only way to cope is wrong. Power in the wrong hands will always lead to destruction and that is what this epic is all about.

When I am thinking all this Krishna comes and says that a man who overcomes his disabilities is the superior one. True that! But how one overcomes that also matters right? The man’s smartness becomes a big deal here. It is how the man turns his minus into a plus! That is what matters!

We go back to see Dhrithirashtra being treated for his wounds and he blames Pandu for no good reason. He says that he needs no help. He fails to understand that humility is also required for someone who wants to become king.

That is when my most favorite character enters. Vidhura! He says that the king is the one who decorates the throne and not the vice versa. Also a person cannot become king just because they are the eldest. This angers Dhrithirashtra. He calls Vidhura a prostitute’s son and Vidhura leaves the place.

Later we see the eldest of the three training and he is angry about the truth Vidhura had uttered. He refuses to stop abusing the latter no matter what Pandu says. He blames his blindness for being alone. He blames his disability for everything.

Oh I hate that man! Always clouded by emotions! He never sees past that cloud of feelings.

We then go to Gandharam where we see a considerably excited Gandhari while her parents are worried and hesitant to tell her that her groom is blind. They worry that if they refuse this matrimony Bheeshma would destroy their city. But accepting to this marriage means destroying their beautiful daughter’s life. They decide that Gandhari will have to sacrifice her life for the sake of her city.

That is when we see Saguni for the first time. Gandhari’s elder brother! The wicked guy who does anything and everything for his survival.

What I like the most is how they introduce Saguni! Two guys climbing up and the rope is giving up because of the weight. One of them will have to let go. So the servant guy says that he will let go. But he does not mean it. He hopes that the prince will understand and help him or something. But then the prince just kicks him in the face and kills him so that he can go up!  Now that is what characterization is all about. In just one scene we understand what kind of a person this prince is!

This same prince is going to swear to avenge for the injustice done to his sister in the later episodes.



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