Dreams and Desired- Shattered!

Saguni is a lethal, selfish bastard! But, he is also this sweet elder brother who would do anything just to see a smile on his sister’s face. The only soft tissue he has left in his heart belongs to his sister alone! Nobody else! Not even his wife or anyone for that matter.

He went on that trekking trip just so he could catch fireflies for Gandhari who is afraid of the dark. How lovely…

But then he gets news that his sister is about to be married to a blind man and is enraged. Thank god, he did not light up the field in anger… Every single person will always have this special someone in their lives. This special person need not necessarily mean to be your life partner. It could be a friend, a sibling, parent, uncle, aunt, guru… You just try your best to make them smile no matter what. They mean the world to you.

Meanwhile Bheeshma returns from his journey. By this time whole of Hastinapur knows about the matrimony stunt he pulled off in Gandharam. Sathyavathi is not at all happy about Bheeshma coming back empty handed. What is wrong with that woman? Does she always want to abduct women against their will and get them married to her kin? Seriously….

But then the happy news is that Gandhari is going to be married to Dhrithirashtra. So they got that going for them. They start off with the preparations for the wedding.

It is clear that the blind guy is completely obsessed with the throne. Not because he could help people with his power as king. But he gets to be king. Everyone will bow down at him. His obsession makes one gag. And this wedding, he takes it up so that he could be crowned as king. Why isn’t there even a single noble person around him to knock some sense into that thick skull of his?

Oh! Wait! His skull is so thick that nothing actually gets through it. This guy dreams that his wife will see for him. Be his eyes. He wants her to get rid of the one fault he has. That is the only thing he wants from her. Not love, not sex, not guidance, not support! But stupid frigging eye sight.

What is she to him? A seeing eye dog?

Meanwhile the beautiful Gandhari adores the gifts from her to-be in-laws and thinks that they chose her for her beauty. She never realises that they chose her because of the blessing she has of yielding a hundred sons. Again she is stupid. No one does anything out of their way unless there is an ulterior motive. She dreams of a life where she conquers the citizens’ hearts via affection and care. A life where she makes her husband fall in love with her at least with her beauty and lead a happily ever after life. She expects her future husband to discuss and ask her before making important decisions. Guard her, protect her, love her… Oh poor dear!

While these two talk about their wishes, in comes Krishna to talk about how humans always keep wishing and dreaming about things. yada yada yada… He keeps talking about things while I am drooling at him 😀
To summarise it

Desire is the root cause of all evil

Buddha and Krishna have been speaking about the same stuff all this time!

But how does the latter guy manages to be so darn cute all the time?

Okay! Enough drooling…

So Saguni comes back and quarrels with Subalan (that guy has some kind of obsession over grey and velvet) that he will not allow Gandhari to be wedded to a blind man.


Gandhari is right behind him and for the first time learns that her would-be is blind.



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