PK – teach something, learn something!

After all the controversial motion posters (i am still wondering what that means) and missing out the first ten minutes of the movie, I managed to watch PK.

I should say that I am impressed with Aamir Khan Magic yet again. A very very meaningful and makes one think again kind of movie. People were telling me that the first 10 minutes are something I shouldn’t miss. But I couldn’t help. So kindly fill me up with the details please.

As far as the plot goes, it is a pretty neat and decent plot. Nothing that fancy and needs way too much money and stuff like that. A mind-blowing history behind PK (he is called like that because his actions made everyone wonder if he is drunk or something) is naive, cute and really really adorable.

Aamir has portrayed the character so well that one cannot simply not cry towards the end of the movie. After Phunshuk Wangdu, I love PK the most. I am going to forget that there was a Dhoom 3 and he rode BMW bikes in it…

Anushka is another adorable creature appearing in the movie. One of the few actresses I have seen to pull off a pixie cut so well that it suits her better than the previous styles she had been sporting. An aspiring journalist who thinks a dog getting depressed is BS news and is looking for something good enough to convey. That is when she sees this funny guy handing out pamphlets which reads “Missing- God”

So she goes after him to dig out his story. A story that will be sensational. Half way through his narration she realises that he is infact peekay and leaves when he demonstrates that he is in fact truthful. Jaggu (Anushka) decides to help him out and together they plan to get back his remote so he could go back to his own planet.

This movie essentially reminded me of Ford Prefect from Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy. While PK gets stuck in India, the former gets stuck in Newyork and somehow makes his way to Britain after that.

I kept imagining Ford in PK’s position. A guy waiting for another spaceship to come by so he could hitch a ride out of earth! Well PK is genuinely interested in Earth. But then he keeps getting confused between that cultures followed here. While one religion says that a widow should wear white, another says it is the colour that the bride wears. Meanwhile black is considered the condolence colour in one religion while in another that is the normal attire a woman sports! Yup! India and its cultural differences, heritages everything gets so confused.

At times PK asks “Show me a label” That is like a slap on many peoples’ face.

His questions are so naive yet reasonable and makes sense.

Yet none of those questions are ever going to be answered.

Finally this movie reminded me of Anbe Sivam. There is no religion. No stupid beliefs. All you got to believe is in Love! That will take you through the right path.

The final dialogues from Jaggu as she finishes reading her book “He came into this world stark naked as a baby. Left without a word like we all do. Taught us one thing and learnt one thing. He learnt to lie. He taught us to love. He had loved me so much that he let go off me.”

Never have I felt word had more emotions embedded than this in a bollywood movie. The songs are pretty soothing and adds to the mentality of the scene.

On the whole a pretty good movie with a very very nice concept of wrong number. Loved it! I would recommend everyone to watch it. You will also love it…


2 thoughts on “PK – teach something, learn something!

  1. 🙂 I’m still smiling at your review. I never do that. Smile after a review that is. And it’s a pleasant smile, not a fun-poking laugh. It was very nicely done.


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