Think with your mind and not with your heart

Happy-go-lucky Gandhari finds out that she is about to marry a blind man. She is devastated by it. Her dreams shattered to pieces. Her life doomed for eternity. The man she dreamed to be the king of her sand castles can never say that she looks pretty. He can never catch her if she falls down. He can never take a legitimate decision whatsoever. His blindness will blind him no matter what.

Saigon’s heart breaks at the sight of his beloved sister crying. Crying from the pain that all of this is creating. She deserves better. He wants the best for his little sister. But now there is a whole country at jeopardise here. Its either that she marries that blind prick or Hastinapur army ravages Gandharam.

Now Gandhari cannot absolutely allow that to happen. She is from a royal family and it is also her responsibility to keep her people safe. Even if it means that she destroys her own life.

From the very moment she learn of this she starts trying to imagine a life filled with darkness. Poor girl never thought that she could be of help to a blind man and that the heart is all that matters. Not that I am suggesting that Dhrithirashtra has a heart of gold. But still isn’t that how a woman convinces herself when she is forced to marry someone she does not like?


She tries and learns to deal with darkness. Even then i don’t understand what that is supposed to do with marrying a sightless person. Why can’t you decide and be his light? When you love the light so much and fear darkness, why not make him see the light that you love so much?

Seriously this story is filled with PMS-ing women who take the wrongest of decisions possible instead of thinking a little bit and then blame Krishna at the end for everything. He just went along the flow and tried to fix what little he could. What he did was almost like putting collate on a cracked wall which is about to collapse.

At the end we see her eyeing the blindfold.

Oil that has been dripping over Hastinapur has been just poured from a big tanker lorry thanks to Gandhari, courtesy Saguni! It is just a matter of time and events when a spark triggers off the fire that destroys everything as it sees!


Vijay TV has so gracefully removed all the Mahabharata episodes from Youtube. Sorry guys!


25 thoughts on “Think with your mind and not with your heart

    • Mahabharata is one of the most interesting stories one can come across. Too many plot twists and too many things happening at once… Finally everything ends with a nice bow on top…


  1. As far as I understood the lady didn’t loved him and she has to merry him.. Well to be honest the fact that he is blind is not bad and it doesn’t matter if you ask me in the all story! The fact that she does not loves him is the main point., because if you love someone it doesn’t matter if he or she is blind. Love itself is blind.

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    • See that is what happens in arranged marriages. Especially if you are from a royal family. You don’t even see your counter part until the marriage ceremony. Here Gandhari almost starts infatuating over the said prince but gets heart broken soon when she learns that he is blind.


  2. This actually happens and I really feel sorry for those with disabilities. Most often, we subconsciously don’t like them because we (subconsciously too) take them as burden if we marry them. But what we are forgetting is the fact we might be born or destined to be their partner, their hope… their inspiration to pursue living despite their disabilities.

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  3. I have heard of the Mahabharata but I do not know the stories in it. Thanks for this introduction. Arranged marriage can really be a challenge, but I think those born into royal families are trained for it. These days though, more and more of them are marrying for love, despite royal lineage. – Fred


  4. I’ve seen the Mahabharata performed many times and it always brings joy to my heart. I have to say that the heart speaks the truth…


  5. I never think with my mind but always with my heart cause I still believe that the heart knows best. If I love a person it does not matter to me if he is blind, crippled, ugly or poor, I am in love with his soul and that is what matters the most. After all, we are spiritual beings in a physical shape.


  6. Thanks for this beautiful story.
    The first thing that came to my mind when i saw the the lady was wow! she is beautiful but as i read the story it just broke my heart as I never knew things like this still happened in the new world. I hope all ends well for her


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