Actual Intention…

I am so sorry that I had missed the previous episode. So what happened is that Gandhari comes in with her eyes blindfolded and shocks everyone present in the marriage hall. While Dhrithirashtra is filled with part infatuation as soon as he hears Gandhari enters, he detests her as soon as he learns that she has blinded herself for his sake.

Gandhari explains that she is doing it so that she gets even with her husband. Here, her thoughts are that if she has eyesight she becomes superior to him. Which might bring more inferiority issues to the already inferior being Dhrithirashtra. So she swears that she will not see another living day ever and blinds herself. Which is supposed to be a very nice action right? Seriously didn’t she ever think that she could be the positive to her husband’s only negative trait? Won’t a logical person ever think that way?

So anyways this blind man marries the blindfolded woman.

She awaits him in their big room wearing all flowers thinking that the fragrance and beauty would impress him. But then he is angry. He is beyond angry. Why wouldn’t he be? His wishes have been shattered. He feels insulted. He feels that this girl has insulted him by pointing out that he is blind and does not deserve to see via her eyes as well. He is again the stupidest person one would come across in this epic. He is not physically disabled. He is blinded by his emotions. He is blinded by the fact that he thinks that his blindness is not a flaw within him. He is blinded by his thoughts of being the strongest perfect person who deserves the throne.

Bheeshma worries that he has spoiled a girl’s life by marrying her to a blind man. He feels bad that he has seeded vengeance in her. But Ganga convinces him that he has done nothing wrong. Again a woman is wrong with her judgement. If this man had no intention to go on war with Gandharam once Gandhari refuses the matrimony, why in the world did he go there with a frigging huge army in the first place?

My darling Krishna comes in and explains why we get more problems and misery through our relatives than anybody else. He says when one fails to understand another’s thoughts and actions that were done on a pure intention, that is where the problem arises. The problem persists when they refuse to accept the actual intention.

No one really understands Gandhari’s pure heart. Dhrithirashtra refuses to accept her as his wife. He swears that he will never accept her as his wife. It is pretty bad and wrong in so many levels.

He just keeps taking anything and everything in the wrongest way possible. So Bheeshma hesitates when Sathyavati says that Dhridhirashtra is to be coronated now that he is married. They decide that Vidura will become the Minister and Pandu will be made Commander in Chief before the coronation since Dhrithirashtra is so unpredictable that he might not give them those posts.

The episode ends with Dhrithirashtra demonstrating to take his oaths for the coronation when he hears unknown footsteps enter his room. It is none other than Gandhari accompanied by her brother Saguni.


Oh By the way..

Merry merry Christmas folks….


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