Bheeshma says that Justice is like the sun while love and affection is like the moon. When one has to choose between the two it is better to choose the sun.

While Ambika invites Gandhari to the coronation, Dhrithirashtra asks her not to come saying that she is his unluck charm.

First Vidhura and Pandu accept their posts as Minister and Commander in Chief respectively. The function goes on well until then. They swear in and become part of the royal committee.

Now comes in the dumb blind guy for his coronation. Walking as if he owns the world, he enters the courtroom. Sathyavathi is so happy that finally they are going to have a king. Right when Bheeshma is about to give Dhrithirashtra the sword, Vidhura stops them.

He says that a man with physical defects/disability cannot become king. Everyone gasps at this revelation. Everyone except Bheeshma. I bet he knew this small information already.

While Sathyavathi accuses Vidhura of treason  because he waited till the coronation to give out this piece of important information. He says that he was just a brother to point this out. He never minded the blindness of his brother till then. But now that he is minister he has the authority to make the right person king.

And with that same authority he is not going to allow a person with deformity to sit on the throne. He says that a king without sight cannot judge the people who come to him, failing to recognise an enemy at times. Now he cannot allow that to happen right?

When Saguni accuses Vidhura that he wants the throne all to himself given that he is the fittest prince among the three.

Bheeshma denies it and slowly Vidhura says that he was having Pandu in mind. Pandu is the next best candidate for the throne.

An angered Dhrithirashtra storms back to his quarters and is stopped by Pandu. The latter is trying to convince the former. But then the dumb blind accuses his little brother that he has been plotting this behind his back with Vidhura for a long time and has finally betrayed him now.

Pandu stays shocked and that is where we stop for the day.


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