Hottie and the aircraft!

After getting a a big suggestion, I watched Top Gun movie.

Well, I am not that big fan of aviation movies. I just watch movies that are interesting. And this movie sure is an interesting one for the it’s timeline. What was interesting was the mix of emotions shown in a movie that is majorly based upon aviation. Instead of treading upon complicated fighter jet terms that no one understands they show us what all a pilot has to go through.

I mean I was seriously expecting someone in the crew to have done something and finally Tom Cruise takes revenge on them or something. I grew up watching shitty Arjun movies, so don’t hate me for expecting stuff like that. But then they show that no matter how much enmity is there on the ground, you back each other up in the sky.

So there is Maverick (Tom Cruise) and his buddy Goose working as a team. They get selected to get training at the elite school for pilots, Top Gun (Why name it as Top Gun when its about flying?). Not just any kind of aviation training but ones for aviation combat in the air. Sounds cool na? Maverick is this wild guy who flies on his instinct. Goose is the fun guy who is almost like a family to the former. They both pull of pranks, show some of the best flying that academy has seen.

Maverick has a pressure about his father going missing on a mission. Goose just a goofy name and is friends with Maverick. So they get into small troubles from time to time. Meanwhile hottie Mav hooks up with his instructor and they get along pretty well *whistles*

All good stuff takes a bad turn when Goose dies in an accident and Mav blames himself over it. He even goes to the extent of quitting. And all Goose wanted was to graduate the academy. Right when I start suspecting one of the classmates who hates the duo, they say that the accident is actually and accident and could not have been foreseen by anyone. Damn! There goes my drama!

After talking to his other instructor, Maverick clears up his head and goes back to get graduated. Well what is there without a climax fight scene? So they send the top five graduates to battle. I wonder why they had to choose 5 freshers who just finished their training. I mean, didn’t they have any other pilots who could combat? This certainly wasn’t the first batch from Top Gun academy right?


So they go, engage in battle. Mav has this moment where he loses confidence and almost disengages. I sense post traumatic stress. But then he gains back control and helps out his friends out there and they fight off those MiG (some cool sort of fighter jets). Finally Iceman gain respect over Mav and they become friends. (This is where I expected something else to happen actually 😀 )

Offered any assignment he chooses, Maverick decides to return to Top Gun as an Instructor. Seriously, God save that academy!

All ends well with Maverick making out with his Instructor date, Charlie…

A movie about planes that makes one feel good at the end and it is not animated!


2 thoughts on “Hottie and the aircraft!

  1. If the writer can have the new Kid on the block as GOOSE’S son and have Tom as the HIGHER RANK it will Work after all it’s the story of a kid that has to live up or do as good as his DAD


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