Just a fine line

Dhrithirashtra leaves the courtroom, his heart filled with all kinds of negative feelings. Only Gandhari has the heart to go after him.

Although he hates her presence, she feels bad for him. She feels bad that her husband has been made a victim of unjustness. Just then a servant guy comes in to inform dumb blind that Pandu has been asked to take up the throne.

While Pandu feels that he is not the one for that job, Bheeshma asks him to let go of the relations and the love he has got for family. It is his duty to take up the throne since Dhrithirashtra is blind for life. So the only candidate left is Pandu and none other else.

So Pandu accepts it in a way how Bharadhan rules while Ram is away. He will do it for the sake of his brother.

Dhrithirashtra is left in despair and is outraged. He swears that this enmity will continue for generations to come. Little did he know that the next generation is going to be the last of his. All Gandhari could hear is her husband’s bitter laugh which she embraces with sympathy and love. With all the love she could muster up. Yet again dumb blind proves to be dumb and pushes her away. I mean which woman can accept a stupid husband, cry for him and moreover cry with him? I admire her.

Meanwhile there is Saguni who also storms out of the courtroom. When his parents say that it is time to leave for Gandharam, he stabs himself in the thigh saying that he will stay here in Hastinapur to avenge the unfairness done to his sister. This wound would be his reminder of revenge. He goes straight to Dhrithirashtra swearing that he will destroy this entire family little by little.

My darling Krishna pays a visit by playing his wonderful flute. “If a present happening feels like it has been unjust to you, you would feel like the entire universe has plotted against you. Every unjust act will have a counter justified act right? To nullify it. Tolerance, patience and sympathy needs to be seeded in one’s heart to get justice. One does not rationalise the wrongdoing done to them by doing something wrong again, like taking revenge. One should make the other person feel bad for the wrong doing done by them. There is a fine line between Justice and Revenge. Integrity!”

Saguni speaks to Dhrithirashtra saying that he is going to stay behind and help him out to get his revenge. At first Dumb blind denies his help. But then wooing words from the bastard Saguni slowly mixes a slow poison into Dhrithirashtra’s heart. He points out that his sister has the boon of bearing 100 sons. If Dhrithirashtra could not get the throne, he could get his 100 sons to do that for him right?

Can you believe this guy? He is literally keeping his sister as bait so that he takes revenge for the same sister. He makes her look like some contraption… I frigging hate him.

Epic continues….


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