A secret never to be revealed

Vidhura, Pandu, Bheeshma and Sathyavathi are in deep discussion about how to gain strength against Jarasandhan in Mathura.

Dhrithirashtra comes in accompanied by dear Saguni and confronts them. Asking how could Pandu be coronated while he is still single. Asking how could the younger brother be made king while the elder one is still there.

Although his questions make sense, everyone see right through him that he is talking via anger and frustration. What they don’t know is that he has been brainwashed by Saguni already. Sathyavathi notices the glint of achievement in Saguni and suspects that he is seeking vengeance.

But now Dhrithirashtra has kept forth a question of the king being single. So now they need a suitable princess who could sit next to him as a queen. The dumb blind states that a king becomes fully king only when he is accompanied by his better half who helps him and well, is his better half! He quotes Gandhari in. How dare he? He sees that poor girl as a machine which would give an output of 100 sons. That is all she is to him. How dare he?

Now this is where we see innocent Kunthi saving a deer’s life. A mother deer’s life from her own hunters. She mentions that separating a new born baby from it’s mother is the biggest crime one could commit. There is a reason behind these heartfelt lines. The reason shall be revealed later.

She is summoned by her father saying that she is ready to be married off and they have fixed a date for Swayamvara! She says that her heart is filled with fear. She won’t mention what the fear is all about. Just when she is about to say it to her father, she changes her mind says that she is afraid to leave him and go.

She does have a not so good past. There are small teeny tiny bones in her closet. That much is for sure!

Meanwhile Hastinapur receives the invite for Swayamvara. Both Vidhura and Bheeshma decide that Kunthi is the right match for Pandu. Sathyavathi denies saying that Kunthi is not from a royal bloodline. She is just grew up as a princess while she belongs to the Yadhavas (Cattle herders) She goes on to say that only a person of royal bloodline should sit along with Pandu on the throne. Bitch! You were once a fisherman’s daughter, remember? Where did the royal bloodline go then?

But Bheeshma says that Kunthi is the most tolerant and patient princess who served Rishi Durvasa (he gets Β pissed off pretty easily and when he does he curses everyone to turn into something worse than zombies) and got his blessings.

Turns out Kunthi did serve that Rishi and in turn he taught her a mantra; a spell. A spell when chanted with any Deva out there will grant you a baby with the attributes of that deva. Well, a Deva is more of an assistant to God. More like Holy male spirits…

So dear Kunthi one fine evening tries out the spell thinking of the Sun God, Suriya Deva. He appears in front of her and says the one thing she completely forgot. That he is going to give her a son who is going to have the glow and power of the sun.




31 thoughts on “A secret never to be revealed

  1. You have a very interesting storytelling style. You incorporate modern language like pissed off, zombie and bitch within a story with an ancient and even mystical context. Cute. – Fred


    • Thank you so much. I love the epic and I just want to tell it to people who are not so interested in it because it is an ancient story. πŸ˜€ Glad that you like it.. πŸ™‚


  2. If you’re holding a position or for anyone who’s high-profile, it’s always best to not let people know about those skeletons in the closet – although I doubt if that’s even possible because once you’re up there, there really are people who’ll love to dig dirt about you and sadly, use it against you.

    Anyways, I like the part where you talk about the spells – I find it interesting whenever I come across one especially in modern times.


    • Well but a person from a royal family should not keep secrets exactly for the reason you have cited. It will be used against them. It is better to be truthful rather guilty!
      More such spells and mystical things coming up. Follow up and enjoy reading πŸ™‚


  3. Sorry if I have to say this but I had to read over several times because I was quite confused of the characters. But anyway, I’ve always wondered how families with king & queen positions (royal family as they call it) dwell in these kind of situations. It’s really hard to avoid jealousy or conflicts.


    • Well the family tree and the names in this can get confusing. I will try coming up with a family tree once everyone comes into frame. There are like 110 more characters to be introduced soon. So get ready to be confused even more.. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰


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