A happy wave!

Just another cloudy evening spent with me sitting on top of the water tank and singing out songs in the worst voice possible. Yeah I do get a few stares from the neighbors. Some even put a chair and sit on their balcony or terrace to watch the show I was putting. I was in … Continue reading A happy wave!


Make it… Ummm… I want tea!

The dialogue mentioned in the title actually happened. We were at a coffee shop. And my friend took the liberty of ordering some snacks. When she was about to say that she will have two coffees I was like "I want tea..." The dead pan look she gave me will be something I will never … Continue reading Make it… Ummm… I want tea!

The Promise and a Ring

"Hey Surya... Where did you get this pendant? It is really pretty!" The elder lady spoke looking at the said girl's neck. Had it been a guy whose eyes were fixated there he would have gotten a slap from her by now."Oh this one! I got it from Stylori. It is called Winter Leaves!" Surya beamed as … Continue reading The Promise and a Ring

My rambles after I watch a movie – Part 1

There was this time in my life when I was able to save most of my salary and weekends were spent watching movies in theatres all by myself. *Yes, that yaarume illadha kadaila tea aathura feeling only* Since none of my friends were there, I started ranting about movies on my Facebook profile. And that … Continue reading My rambles after I watch a movie – Part 1