What does your heart say?

Gandhari tries the good old way of winning a man’s heart through his stomach. She cooks for him some of the specialty dishes from her place. But good old dumb blind guy still goes berserk over her simple words of wanting to welcome Pandu and Kunthi.

I mean why is this guy so hell bent over a throne? Why can’t he just accept fate as it is and go on with life? Why so much hatred towards his own brother?

I mean why draw a line and say that “Oooooh he/she crossed that border…” Respect one’s freedom. That is when the borders disappears. That is when you will start thinking for them as well. Go on.. Think a little bit about how others feel as well. From time to time. It helps. Not just you, but everyone around you!

Meanwhile Kunthi decides to hide the fact that she had a baby with the Sun God but still retained her virginity and bid farewell to the baby by sending the little boy through the Ganges. She keeps the boy in a basket and says good bye to him while the Sun God gives the baby boy an armour that would protect him from anything and everything. With the guilt she marries Pandu. She still wonders how her Karna (thats his name) is doing right now. Kanthi’s friend makes her swear that she will not tell Pandu about the first son.

Karna is given a bloody heroic introduction (seriously too much for a little boy even though he has a lot powers) and he gets scolded by his mother for being that heroic. Well, she is just being protective. I won’t blame her. Even if you are an reincarnated god, mothers will always be mothers with their protective nature. He wishes to meet the king and the new queen somehow.

Pandu and Kunthi return back to Hastinapur where they are given a huge celebrated welcome. Karna showers them with the same type of flower that had adorned his basket once upon a time. Kunthi wonders about the flowers which were showered from the end of an arrow.

But Karna is refused to meet them by his foster father, Adhiradhan (the royal charioteer)

They all think that it is the work of some of the forest tribes. And Karna’s true affection is not showcased in front of the king and the queen.

Meanwhile Gandhari is not allowed to welcome the newly wed couple by her dumb blind husband. Her in-laws consider that a taboo and she bravely breaks the taboo by coming out to welcome them and do the rituals, thereby disobeying her husband.

Oh there is Saguni yet again brain washing Dhrithirashtra. Every single word mixed with poison and vengeance.

Pandu searches for Dhrithirashtra. Who happens to be angry that his little brother is the king now. So sad right?

As Kunthi and Gandhari bond over the fact that their husbands are awesome brothers and soon Dhrithirashtra will get over his little drama, Saguni is there trying to teach the dumb blind how to plot against his own little brother. Kunthi wonders when she would be blessed by her brother-in-law who refused to show up and welcome her along with Gandhari.

Pandu meets the said in-law and asks if they could get the blessings the next day. Seriously these guys don’t get a hint or what? This guy is not going to bless you… He would probably curse you with the worst stuff imaginable. But never give blessings. One would understand that when he refused to show up and restricted his wife to do the same as well.

The next setting goes over to Karna’s household. Where his father forbids him to use his bow and arrow hereafter. Since he is the son of a charioteer, he should not display his talents in front of other Kshatriyas. That might jeopardise their peaceful living. Well what Adhiradhan thinks is good enough. I mean in a world where hierarchy and family status is everything of course one should go along his status quo and not try anything here.  *insert that status quo song from High School Musical here*

So Karna walks out with his Bow and Arrow. As if he is going to prove something.

That ends there. Will he do what his father wants him to do? Or will he go after what he wants to do?

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Footnote: Sorry for the late post guys. New year has been a little hectic. Just now got the time for blogging and such.

Have fun!


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