“I” am disappointed!

After completely exhausting 3 hours and going straight to bed, I honestly don’t remember much from the legendary movie “I”

This breaks my record of longest movie ‘I’ have ever watched. Previously it was Wolf of Wall Street. But that movie did not make me yawn or look at my phone to check the time. But the former one made almost everyone in the theatre do everything else and still watch the movie. A freaking 188 minutes for a revenge story and here I was thinking that revenge stories are supposed to be short and mysterious to give an impact.

So I can safely say that this movie had no positive impact on me or my friends. In fact we all were pretty tired when we got out and shocked when we saw that it was 2:30 AM and we had to drive back to our homes at that ungodly hour.

For all those people who roll up your sleeves and say “Look at Vikram’s dedication” “P.C.Sreeram’s Cinematography is mind-blowing” “Learn to appreciate the technicality” I got something to say to you all. A movie is something with a story and a timeline that does not ruin the story. This one has a simple story and could have been given in a smaller frame length so we don’t get bored with the Hero taking revenge on the bad guys.

The plot is simple. Hero is a nobody. He becomes successful. Bad guys don’t like it. Bad guys ruin hero’s life. Hero takes revenge on bad guys one by one. See that is where the problem sets in. One by one.


I actually remember when the trailer was released someone had commented on it saying that it reminded of “V for Vendetta”

I should say I am more than just a fan of that movie and my blood still boils that someone had compared that awesomeness of a movie with this so-called bloody darn awesome movie of the year.

The only dialogue everyone remembered once the movie got over is “Adhukum mela” Honestly I still remember stuff from the same director’s debut movie. Even his not-so-big-deal-romance movie Kaadhalan also had stuff that made everyone sit enthralled. But if you expect us to be enthralled by your movie gimmicks and colours all the time, you are going to feel sorry some day.

The cinematography was good? That man showed what was already beautiful to be beautiful. Showing a field full of flowers in any way is going to look beautiful no matter what. It is just a matter of knowing what to show and how to place your protagonists in the middle. P.C.Sreeram’s work in Mouna Raagam was splendid with the back light as source and all. But here, there was nothing new. It was just again kaleidoscopic.

Yes! The hero put in a lot of physical work to get his body in shape to act a body builder in the beginning of the movie. Later on he loses all of that and becomes a hunchback. If you had noticed properly even when he was a hunch back he would still be having those abs. So it is all just makeup. Understand that please. Yes! It was still awesome dedication. But just one person’s acting does not make it a good movie. And the heroine?

Oh please! While all the guys were ogling at her I just noticed that she has petite body type and not something way too sexy. Too bad people don’t realise that you can choose to show off how ever you want to. Even a flat chested girl could be shown like she has big bust with a little bit of make up people. Again stop falling for gimmicks.

On the whole… “I” is ellathukum keezha….


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