My Happy Moments in Life- Part 1

As far as I can remember, I have seen and been through what is commonly known to be depressing and sad situations. But like the few fluffy clouds one comes across, I have my own fluffy clouds scattered throughout my life.

To start off I am going to point out my love life only. There was this person who made me smile through something as simple as a text message. He didn’t have to do much to make me forget my worries for the time being. He was like this pain killer in my life at that time.

Even after we broke up, I was able to smile at those memories I created with him. It was the one thing I will never ever regret in my life.

I then remember this sunset I got to watch with my best friend from my terrace. We just sat there and watched the sun set. There was no conversation. Just us embracing the beauty of nature.

And then I remember this beautiful group of people who make me smile all the time no matter what. I have met only two of them. But then there is this soulful connection we all have and it s a beautiful relationship we guys have.

I love you all for being there for me.

Dancing under the shower for some of my favourite songs have always given me something to smile about. I am not much of a singer. But I sure am a bathroom dancer.

And then I  did find a lot of small hobbies that give me a little satisfaction. Like origami, gifting handicrafts to friends, painting, doodling, drawing, knitting.

The best of all is my trip to the temple. I go there early in the morning and there will be these turkeys who play around at that time. It is fun to play with them.

And then there is baking and cooking as well.

Finally there is this new found hobby of mine where I go sit on terrace and gaze at the stars. I rarely see the moon. The north star is the guy I love. The orion’s belt stars are my kids. Yes! I want to have three kids. It is such a soothing experience at night. With the winding engulfing me and the stars shining at me.

Just love these moments.

Most of all, writing. It brought a lot of joy to me. But then I live in a community where I got comments like “who reads your boring blog” more than comments like “you can improve here and there” But I still love to write. Someday I will publish my novel.

I thank the lord for giving me such beautiful wonderful moments in my life now that I regret nothing at all. I am happy that all of this happened to me.

I am sorry I am not including anything else in this because a lot of things are slipping out my mind these days. So Adios!

Until my next post.


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