OK En Kanmani/Kalvanin Madiyil!

As I am writing this I am of course singing along to the background song “Mental Manadhil”

A little bit of prep up music for me I suppose. After all I did go watch a very very romantic movie right after a heart break. So I need the prep for sure.

This movie is a must for all those people who said Maniratnam has lost his magical abilities. The magic is back and there is no doubt about that. The trio Rahman-Mani-Vairamuthu already created enough allurement with an absolute variety of music via the album. And the visuals are just even more empowering.

We could clearly point out a lot of director’s touch scenes and locations. I am not sure what is it with him and double-decker buses, romance in train, waltzing inside the room… But no matter how many times you use these tricks on us, it never gets old. It did remind me Alaipayuthey quite a lot. The enchantment just increased ten folds with Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menon.

Dulquer darling! Where were all these days? Now I want to see more Malayalam movies just for him. 😛 Where should I start now? This guy has given the perfect image of how guys behave these days. I am not going to give out even one small spoiler here. I am just going to talk about everything I loved about this wonderful movie. All boys out there! Start expressing your feelings a little bit more. Or else you won’t get what you want.

And Nithya has sort of just gained a bigger fanbase here in TamilNadu after this. The already beautiful looks even more beauteous with her vibrant outfits and her stunning performance as Thara. Oh my god! I wish I was as head-strong as that character.

If I don’t mention Prakashraj, I will get a special place in hell reserved for me. The most adorable role in this entire movie is played by him and the way he has portrayed it is just an “awwww” thing for me.

Keeping two rooms opposite to each other. An old couple in one and a young couple in one. The way both couples express their love, the affection that revolves all around the movie will move you to ‘kana verkudhu’ moment at some point.

I am no expert with technical terms. But one thing is that cinematography is just as beautiful as the whole movie is. The way P.C.Sreeram showed that fort in Ahmedabad makes you want to go there in person and just see it again. Everything revolving around that Royal Enfield is again another magic with the awesome song to go along with it.


A friend recently told me “If someone blindly loves you, they will find a way to be with you.” This movie is something similar to that.

Aaga motham, oru kick-aana padam. Watch it with you kanmani/kalvan….


Image courtesy: Cinecoffee.com


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