Oh papagena tere nome papaya!

Being a die hard minion fan, I just could not wait to watch the yellow little guys on big screen. Although I would have appreciated if it was screened in 2D I was nevertheless excited to watch the movie.

Right from the moment of universal pictures music everyone in the theatre were just laughing for every single scene. As we go with Kevin, Stuart and cute little Bob on their journey to find the best boss we keep enjoying it through every minute thoroughly.

All those helium filled voices makes you want to memorize their language somehow even though none of it makes any sense at all. Even then we understand everything these adorable “pill-like” creatures say. Somehow the animators have made us totally get along with the minions that we start vouch for them and even pray for them.

Kevin- the level headed one who makes the good decisions half the time and is always there for his friends in the journey.
Bob- the little sweetheart who manages to make everyone go aww with his cute ways and his adorable nature. He is always the lucky one ending up victorious in situations they would have never been able to pull of easily.
Stuart- the crazy one who goes yo-yo with a weird handshake 13 year old kids use as their secret handshake. A rockstar in the making who makes a mess with whatever he’s got. The one who does all the cool stuff in his own weird way. He loves to lure girls and have fun in a hot tub with them.

I know it is pretty late for me to put out this post. But keeping it in the drafts just hurts me more than it should. Being a hard core minion fan who tries to imitate them and walk like them I have to express my love for them. And what I love about minions the most is not that they look cute or adorable. They show me one thing that everyone should take up as a life mantra.

Laugh at everything. Even you misery will let you stay happy

Honestly I wish I could do that. They always enjoy anything and everything, reassure their friends when they feel low. And in the end they show that helping out someone and making them feel better is what life is all about. It makes you a better person.

And finally,


2 thoughts on “Oh papagena tere nome papaya!

  1. I am yet to watch the movie 😦 – Definitely lined up for this weekend 🙂

    Welcome to CBC and we hope to keep you motivated to blog regularly and share your links 🙂

    Happy blogging Raji 🙂

    Footnote – You remember that line about Krishna? It is still haunting me!!!


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