Just a day all to myself.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nothin’ But A Good Time.”

Well since this prompt is asking me for a carefree day, I will probably spend all alone. Not the sad alone, but the really peaceful loneliness that makes you feel so good. You would even feel a sudden freshness in the air that you breathe in.

I would start my day at the temple for sure. Spending the dawn with the bunch of turkeys who love me in the strangest way possible would always be a good way to begin a day. A day so special with Nothin’ but a good time!

Once I complete my breakfast nap, the best thing to do will be to put on some movie and order a pizza. My choice of movie is V For Vendetta. You can read why I love that movie so much here.

When the sun starts setting, I will set foot on the beach. My friend once took me to this pretty nice isolated beach. Just go there, put on some soothing songs on my phone and walk there aimlessly. Just keep walking until my legs give up. SIt down and enjoy the texture of the sand. Even dance on that sand when a favourite song comes up.

Best feeling ever.

Sit and watch the moon. Or even the stars. Have a nice long conversation with your long lost imaginary friend.

Do all that you want and finally come back to the reality where having a care free life is always a myth.


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