4 years in 3 hours with an adrenaline junkie 

So we had this wonderful opportunity to watch a beautiful and tasty dish being crafted by the Vice President of the Kendall School of Culinary Arts.

Well the way Christopher had put it, we were all part of the four year Bachelors course at the Culinary school. He gave us an in-depth insight of how the course would be and what all we will be doing throughout those mentioned four years.

Never seen someone make Red wine sauce right in front of me. 😀
Honestly I have seen Masterchef people filet a Salmon the way he did it!

We used shallots which were cut up like six months back and a snail ragout that was made to perfection almost three years ago. It was fun watching the man cracking jokes while his hands worked wonders with the ingredients in front of him.

As a person who spends most of her television time watching cookery shows and competitions this was a feast for all of my senses. Yes! We did get to taste the wonderful food that was made by the Man of the Hour.


No words could describe the sensation as I put the food in my mouth. A dish that would most probably cost me hundreds of dollars was given to me to taste and I was not going to let it go waste now. By the end of the session my passion for culinary arts increased exponentially and I asked him if I could enrol in one of the programs at Kendall.

Thats how good he was.

What I liked the most about the entire class was the Q&A session we had with Christopher Koetke.

This man has some immense unexpressed love for Indian Food. He was at a loss for words when we asked him what his favourite Indian food was. He started giving us a long list starting from the Katta Meetha to Lacha paratha to Hyderabadi Briyani and Jilebi. This guy even loves Curd rice and gave the best description for a comfort food.

Anything that is milky and starchy somehow serves as a comfort food. His being a stew his mother makes and mine being curd rice. When we asked him about the Saturday rush, he stated that any chef would opt for the rush hour work than a boring day of work in the kitchen which is pretty slow and dull. The Adrenaline rush is one thing that keeps them going on. And he was proud about being addicted to that feel.

The man with a cheese tooth (Man you should have seen the way he looked at the slice of pizza that was being served!) loves to invite a lot more Indian students to his school. Right now they are about less than 1/3rd of the population. But he wishes to increase that number soon.

Well he already has one prospective student (of course its me 😛 )

I would gladly thank ITC Grand Chola for having us enjoy a span of four years spent in just three hours with an awesome adrenaline junkie!


2 thoughts on “4 years in 3 hours with an adrenaline junkie 

  1. Wonderfully captured. Did you receive recipe handouts? What is snail ragout? Curd rice ki jai 🙂
    Wishing you good luck on your culinary adventures Raji 🙂


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