My rambles after I watch a movie – Part 1

There was this time in my life when I was able to save most of my salary and weekends were spent watching movies in theatres all by myself. *Yes, that yaarume illadha kadaila tea aathura feeling only*

Since none of my friends were there, I started ranting about movies on my Facebook profile. And that was a whole new experience because there were people who sat and read the whole thing (it gets lengthy every single time) and then complain that it is lengthy. They also privately asked me to review their favourite or least favourite movies (you will know why once you start reading the ones below)

And now people still seem to ask me about my old reviews. So this will be a compilation of the ones I could patiently find out from my Facebook profile.



After days and days of asking my friends weren’t free on my off day. So I thought I will watch it alone and I am sort of glad I did it. Because, I am not sure if I would have given the same reactions and watched the movie with utmost devotion if I had been with them. 
With my expectations reaching the sky I went in, ordered a pizza to shut up my rumbling tummy and just as I finished it, the movie began. Though the pizza started making me drowsy, I was watching wide eyed as the protagonist travels through space and time.
Yes! I mentioned time. Thanks to my friend Baradan who hinted me on time travel. It sort of became a spoiler for me. When Murphy mentioned ghosts pushing books and giving some sort of message, it clicked to me that one of those people from the expedition had done it. But then I smacked myself for not figuring out that it would be her own father. I wanted Anne to be the one giving out messages. 😀
The first half goes on such a slow pace that when Mathew and Anne come back to the common ship to learn that they have been away for 23 years, it feels as if we had spent a very long time and that is exactly when the intermission came. Honestly there was no need for an intermission in such a movie. And when I checked the time expecting to have spent a long time, it has just been an hour and half or so. As if we had traveled through time.
And then a lot goes on in the second half. way too much stuff goes on. A little bit of space, fight, misadventure, earthlings’ struggle. I mean making it all coherent is something only Nolan could pull off.
I am going to keep it short here. (Stop rolling your eyes now, this is short for me.)
You don’t have to have a deep knowledge in quantum physics to understand this movie. You just need to have some basic knowledge about light and light years. that will make enough sense for one to enjoy this movie. not understand. I honestly cannot explain you half the theories mentioned in this movie. but I thoroughly enjoy it. Enjoy a movie, don’t try to understand it like its some equation. equations fail!
Even in the movie it ends with a new beginning where Dr.Grand is still out there and Cooper goes in search of her.


First of all this is not a musical. People have to understand the meaning of what a musical means. That too a gangster musical! So can you call it a gangster movie? Well I won’t say so. The gangster part comes for about half of the movie only.
It starts as drama and goes into an abstract action (gangster) and then a little bit of romance and after that into action/drama finally ending as comedy. (Did i cover all of it?)

You just cannot put this movie into a single genre and get it over with. Because as you watch you notice that there is another movie going on in this movie(reminded me of vellithirai movie) and that one just does not mix up anywhere with the actual movie.
Even though you see the shooting of the meta movie, you get as shocked as the audience do in it.
The story as it seems to be half the biography of the director himself (I think any debut director goes through such stuff) as he (lead role Karthik, played by Siddharth) is given a bad review in a reality show for his short film but miraculously ends up another opportunity to make a gangster movie “thalapathy, god father, andha madhiri”
Choosing this particular “psycho” rowdy Sethu(played by simha) our lead goes there and tries to study him.
In this place I would like to mention that there is no hero or villain in the movie because there is a complete role reversal towards the end.
The director has aptly given the difficulties of a budding director with a vision.
Its nice how they show Karthick visulaizing scenes and all the screenplay stuff as he listens to simha’s story. It was as if we get a look into how a director’s mind works when he writes story and screenplay. The first half is totally dedicated to show the terrorizing gangster “Assault Sethu” and then in the second half you come across one twist after another that you will be so much enthralled into the movie that you kind of forget Lakshmi menon and the romance part.
A lot of references from other movies could be clearly seen and it is embraced in such a way that you won’t in any way say that it is copied or anything. Because the producer asked for a movie like thalapathy they keep showing that movie here and there.
Using different movie songs at times is makes you smile as it gets apt. pasa malar song in the beginning(lingering on shivaji for a while), manmadhan vandhacha song during that bathroom scene, and the kadhalin deepam ondru song while sethu learns to give romantic look.
while some of the dialogues make you laugh so much some of the dialogues make you think. Like the one where pazhani character says “Sandharpam oru dhevadha maadhiri.” and “naan politicsum eezhamum than cover panre, ‘rendum onnu thana’, “ivan thangachiya sight adika avan vandhan, indha madhiri sandaiku naalu peru vandha avangala polaka naan vandhen” are all some good memorable ones.

This guy Karthick Subburaj has clearly laid out how a director can change a movie if he wants to. An artist can never give up on his vision, but make a new one pretty much easily. The part where Siddharth stands outside the movie hall and gives countdown was nice. As sub plot after sub plot opens up revealing the ultimate notion and thus giving the climax, you feel relieved and at the same time having a laughter riot. When a person comes up with a story they will also come up with an actor who would be suitable for it. But if the actors or producers try and ruin it, the directors can make a change that no one will ever forget (again vellithirai climax where Prithviraj films Prakashraj without his knowledge and brings out an awesome climax)
making people like Vijay sethupathi and Vetrimaran do guest roles are a good choice.
How can I not talk about Simha here? That guy is a keeper for tamil industry man. One cannot simply give complete contrast roles in the same movie and this guy just waltzed through it like it was a cake walk for him. Honestly one awesome performance!
Siddharth has finally decided to show that he can do more than just a rich/poor yo yo guy with a guitar. Although I don’t understand how the scaredy cat (the guy who goes to the absolute corner when a fight takes place) Karthick suddenly turns into a courageous person as he faces the psycho rowdy in the last few scenes.
The music took us through the movie in an enjoyable way while the songs were inserted in proper places but kind of go unnoticed.
As the movie comes to an end and I walk towards the exit, we all spotted Udhayanidhi Stalin walking towards another exit and a couple of guys behind me go “aiyo ivanum poi enna hero va nadika vai nu director kitta ketu tholaka poran da…. Innoru A.Kumar ah thaanga maataru Karthick”


Saivam- rendu kutti pasanga, oru seval oru pazhaiya karaikudi style veedu. Ivalo thanga matter! You can literally figure out the story right when the movie starts in the shops where they sell meat, fish etc.
If the heroine of the movie is baby Sarah (my dad is predicting that by the time she acts in her 4th movie she will be a heroine for real) the hero of the movie is the rooster that roams around and obeys only to the little girl who protects him.
Typical village based jokes, a joint family that meets up for the festival and the young boy who eagerly waits to see his aunt so that he can flirt with her daughter.
Showing the generation gap and the way a spoilt brat behaves was a nice thing. Something I could relate to seeing the way my nieces and nephews are growing up.
An enjoyable movie that you can watch, laugh, say awwww and then forget it all while coming out of the screen. Feel good movie ellam illa..
you can definitely watch it with your family. No unnecessary songs, no stupid heroism fight scenes, no irritating romance between mama paiyan and atha ponnu, no villan, no hero and finally no story as well. I am assuming that the director got up one fine day and thought that he needed to convince his family about marrying amala paul so he made a movie based on a small statement his mother told him long back and puts “special thanks to amala paul” in the credits..
The BGM was somehow reminding me of the movie “king” by vikram. I am not sure why. One good song in the movie and G.V has nailed it.But then the visuals are not that good given that the little girl was concentrating so much on the lip sync that she couldn’t do anything else like for example, act. I might be asking too much from a child artist. But then I always expect too much from any movie I watch. Showing the cute innocence of the people in villages and the way everyone accepts the love a girl has for her pet rooster is heart warming. The rooster is just shown in the most beautiful way…. Or may be roosters are just adorable and beautiful normally. I don’t know.. The only rooster I know is the one I cooked today 😛

Enna than padathula “we are supporting vegetarianism” nu sonnalum adhaiyum chicken burger saptute paakra aalu than naangalam! 😛 😀




*Lego Movie:


This whole movie was about spotting your favourite characters who appear here and there!!! It was almost like a crossover between everything in hollywood and books and what not. Any fanfiction lovers would love this movie.

Its a comical movie anyone can watch, right from little kids to the oldest great grandma in your house and trust me, they will all love it!!! I should know because I was sitting next to a grandma and I could pretty much tell she didn’t understand half the movie, but she did have fun!!
The movie starts like any super hero movie where a normal guy gets himself into a not to normal situation and he has to believe that he is the “chosen one”
Yup! that sounds like matrix, immortals of meluha and what not movie or book that portrays just one character as the big guy!

The best part of this movie is that you get to see all the characters you love from various different stories and settings!! there is gandalf, superman, dumbledore, wonder woman, even chewie from starwars, abraham lincoln…
Oh to top it off, there Batman!!
he just rocks the screen…. And finally he becomes the soup boy who gives up on Lucy as she loves the “chosen one”/“the special”
And then there is Morgan Freeman!! If you want to put your faith on a Lego character and look up to that character let Morgan Freeman voice for it!!  The Vitruvius is a nice character that gives you some special advise you can follow in your own life as well.
Its not this feel good movie or anything… But its the movie where you start hoping and rooting for your favourite character to do a cameo sometime!!!  (there used to be times when we wanted mash-ups of our fav cartoons and tv shows… And I still look for some good cross-over fanfictions)
And finally the movie just gives me the feel that there is a kid in all of you that you should let out every once in a while at least!
on the whole I get this SJ Surya dialogue in my mind by the time the movie ends “edhu edhu epdi epdi irukanumo apdi apdi than irukanum. apdi apdi illana adhu ipdi ipdi than mudiyum”
Try not to follow the same routine! Just follow your instincts (no matter how bad and dumb they are) and have fun!!


One thought on “My rambles after I watch a movie – Part 1

  1. On a writing spree today Raji 🙂

    The Lego Movie was what I loved the most in this selection 🙂 Saivam was a request by director Vijay to Amala Paul to turn vegetarian 🙂 hilarious 🙂

    Interstellar – I don’t know my expectation was too much I think. The girl telling her dad “I knew you would come.” was heartbreaking.

    Keep smiling 🙂 keep blogging 🙂


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