DIY Crayon Art 

We all get this sudden artist in us pop out and we really want to make a painting that looks really beautiful. But for the love of our lives we would not have touched a canvas ever.

Also blending colours has never been your thing. You have no idea how to get the right texture, the right brush the right stroke. Well here is a simple DIY project that would help you create a nice artistic image and at the same time let you have a quick fun time with it.

Materials Needed:

  • A canvas (I would prefer one that is not primed. But it is pretty hard to get. But primed one is also fine.)
  • Some wax crayons
  • A normal adhesive
  • A hair dryer
  • A permanent marker/ sharpie
  • A ruler


First of you will have to draw out which ever silhouette you want to put in your image. I borrowed this image from Shutterstock. Due credits to the dude who took this picture. Pretty cute one. You can draw anything you want. Or you just let the colours do their work and leave it abstract. That is solely up to you.



Now I did the mistake of thinking that I can easily scrape off the wax once I get the desired result and coloured the whole thing with a sharpie. But then once I started scraping even the primer came off leaving a blank space.

So I drew the silhouette on a piece of paper and stuck it later on using super strong glue.




Now that we have our image in place, we need to decide the colour pattern of the background. Since I was going for a Northern Light based night sky theme I chose the crayons accordingly. If you are going for any other theme or abstract just go ahead and use all the colours. It will give you a different perspective. But you can experiment a lot with this technique.

You will have to first remove the wrappers off the crayons. You don’t want any paper pieces stuck on your canvas now. If you don’t want too much wax on your canvas you can break the crayons into smaller pieces. Even these pieces left a lot of wax on mine and I had to melt them away later or scrape them off a bit.


Once that is done, stick the crayon pieces at the top of the canvas using a normal adhesive. Do not use the industrial strong adhesive. That gives a burning sensation for your eyes when you heat it. The usual Fevicol would do.


Now is the fun part. Set your hairdryer at the highest temperature possible. And let the magic begin.

Once you have melted the wax enough and think you have the desired texture, use a simple plastic ruler to even out the drippings and viola! You have the best blend of night sky… And the best part is you made it all by yourself.

You can either scrape the wax over the image you drew or stick one like I have done.

Scrape off the wax on the sides and use a frame to cover them. Or just use it as it is. No art is perfect right?



Enjoy your artistic vibes!


9 thoughts on “DIY Crayon Art 

  1. So, what was that you said about you not being talented, Missy? If this isn’t talent, I don’t know what is. I said it earlier and I say it again… this is beautiful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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