Naanum Rowdy Than – a little bit of everything!

Wow! Been a while since I sat down to write a movie review. Especially days after I watched the said movie.

I did go watch Talvaar, Martian in the meanwhile. But didn’t feel like putting up a review. Those movies made justice to the posters and trailers and that is it! First of all I did not watch the trailer of Naanum Rowdy Than (NRT) at all. After missing the first ten minutes of the movie (I heard it is pretty hilarious) I sat down in time to catch Nayanthara being teased by Vijay Sethupathi to which she literally turns a deaf ear.

The only names I remember are Pondy Pandi, Kadhambari and Killivalavan. I don’t even care about the others honestly. Three characters who take up most of the screen time made me laugh a lot and enjoy the movie. Making the hero use his previously viral dialogues is a good move and thank the lord they did not over use it. Also he now made the line “Are you okay baby?” viral. Honestly this man is one heck of an actor who makes sure that we don’t forget the movie and the character until the next movie releases.

Doing a deaf character is pretty rare these days. And doing it with class and style is something I haven’t seen in a long time. Hats off to Nayanthara for pulling it off well. The character has been well thought out from the accessories to the body language and the slight sign language she uses. I don’t know if it was the director’s handiwork or the heroine gave her input. But it was pretty good.

Then comes my favourite actor/entertainer Parthiban aka Killivalavan. He sure does love that name and I know for a fact that he should have brought up that name. Many of his movies portray that particular name and its pretty cool for a rowdy. Each dialogue delivered by him made the entire theatre erupt in laughter. Especially towards the end.

The director needs to be thanked for not putting up a cheesy duet or anything. The songs have been justified with proper visuals and for once I don’t feel bad for rooting for a particular song from the list. I love all of them actually. It is pretty impressive that Vignesh Shivan himself decided to pen down the lyrics.

Wow! Not many notice some of the songs. But the most favourite one for me is “Yennai Maatrum Kadhale

A cute entertainer that needs to be watched on big screen.



2 thoughts on “Naanum Rowdy Than – a little bit of everything!

  1. Sweet, simple and concise review. Not watched any movie for a while now 😦 Hope to catch something in the theatre soon 🙂 So with maya and NRT – Nayanthara has a slew of awardsin her kitty now!


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