Put a ring on that finger!

When I first met her she was sitting in one corner having silent conversations with someone nearby. I wanted her to talk. I am talkative and I expect everyone around me to be like me. Well my bad. Then she started chatting in our little whatsapp group! Man can she talk… 😛

I am talking about this lady I met recently who happens to be the Founder of ART-ery. Now even I was wondering what in the world is that. Then I found the corresponding page and was impressed. Minu Marie Mathew runs a e-shop which specialises in fashion jewellery. The kind of stuff I am pretty scared to try on because of their expensive nature. Now ART-ery provides us quality jewellery within affordable and reasonable prices. And the best part is, if you want a customised earring or something they will try their best to come up with it.

Each product is either handpicked or even handcrafted to satisfy the needs of the fashionista inside every single woman out there. Helping us express our indiviuality and inner personality using these artistic pieces. View their products on Instagram or Tumblr for better resolution 😉

When asked why the name ART-ery? (which was happily pronounced as a major artery of our heart by a surgeon friend of mine) Minu says,

The added emphasis on the word “ART” in our name denotes that we’re extremely selective when it comes to our product range. We’re simply a place that takes pride in housing and appreciating art. Our products are handpicked or handmade to be statement pieces that let a woman be herself. Every woman being beautiful and unique requires every product to be crafted beautiful and unique. With a range that spreads across necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles, anklets, bracelets, arm cuffs, headbands, home décor and more, we meticulously ensure that each of our products embody art, style and elegance.

Their tagline being “Express your inner self with a piece of ART and celebrate the woman in you” explains the exact goal of this shop that majorly markets via Facebook and Craftsvilla.

The blogger in Minu is still functioning at Life by Moments not by Time and lets us get a sneak peek into her life. This girl is one of the few people who quit their day time jobs to chase their dream and succeed with it.

The product photos are another cute thing I find impressive. Each one being really unique makes us want to buy more from her!


Good Luck with your Future Endeavours Minu Marie Mathew!


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