Make it… Ummm… I want tea!

The dialogue mentioned in the title actually happened. We were at a coffee shop. And my friend took the liberty of ordering some snacks. When she was about to say that she will have two coffees I was like “I want tea…” The dead pan look she gave me will be something I will never forget. Also that was followed by her infamous line “Yaarmanee”


Oh yeah she now has a soundcloud channel where she calls herself Yaarmanee

So who is this She? you ask me?

Well this is a head strong female whom I met a few months back and got ridiculously close in such a short span of time. The author of Make It 2 and Marinated Minds. A lovely friend with whom one need not try to even wear a mask.

Sharada Vijay!



I sure am using a hell lot of exclamation marks here. Well talking to her is actually like that. You will need to use all your navarasa most of the times. A group gets loud and enthusiastic the minute she enters the room. And I am not exaggerating any of these. When I first agreed to do the author spotlight I was afraid because I hadn’t read much of her book (I purchased it as soon as it was available) and I knew I was up for a punch from her for that. Then they said I can write about the author and I was like “Hell yeah! That’s my kinda post”

It is hard to find a passionate person these days I happen to stumble across a whole bunch of them. When she barely knew me she approached me to be her photographer for the Make It 2 story series she was featuring on Facebook page. That was one new experience to go and interview people randomly about Love. It sure was fun. Her stand up comedy is another thing I love. I go and sit among the audience if she is performing. For I don’t see that many women try to embrace the comic in them.

DSC03694 DSC03745

A person who knows what she wants also never fails to encourage and appreciate someone for their hard work. Little does she know, that is what matters at the end of the day.

And finally…

Keep up the good work Sharu!


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