A happy wave!

Just another cloudy evening spent with me sitting on top of the water tank and singing out songs in the worst voice possible. Yeah I do get a few stares from the neighbors. Some even put a chair and sit on their balcony or terrace to watch the show I was putting.

I was in a good mood and didn’t care. I just danced around and spoke to my friend in my squeamish voice. The parrots were trying to compete to my squeaking. The pigeons were terrified at my lovely songs. Hell! Even a hawk flew by and started circling me. But went away as soon as I opened my mouth to sing another favorite song of mine.

Hopefully I don’t scare off the bats with my high frequency sound.

When I was thinking “this is why I don’t sing when I am with fellow humans!” A little girl was watching me from her balcony.

She must be around 8 or 9. Her brother was right next to her trying to figure out something in his text book. She pointed me out to him. They both were a good distance away from me. Obviously they can’t listen to my obscene singing.

Then this girl started giggling. I didn’t know why. She noticed that I was also watching her. Then with a shy smile she waved at me. I smiled at her. I don’t know if she was able to see my smile. So I waved back at her. I would say that got some achievement unlocked for her or something like that. She started jumping and probably she might have squealed as well. I had my head phones on. I couldn’t know.

But her happiness spread to me making me laugh at her actions. Children just do the cutest things at the most unexpected moments.

Her brother exchanged glances between the two ladies and decided that whatever was in his textbook can wait. He joined in his sister’s celebrations and off they ran inside the house to probably tell their parents about this stranger waving back at them.

I was just sitting there wondering where did that innocence of finding happiness in the smallest of gestures go to?


2 thoughts on “A happy wave!

  1. It’s there. You just have to find it πŸ™‚ All those small pleasures will be more than enough to fill your heart with pure joy and happiness which will eventually keep you smiling forever πŸ™‚

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