A to Z Challenge: A

  So this will be the last post of the series. Finally I made myself finish something I started off (even though its the end of 2016 and I was supposed to get to this post by April 30th) But that is alright. I have to juggle between multiple stuff as it is and this … Continue reading A to Z Challenge: A


I Just Write!

I had stopped writing posts about my life for a while. Thanks to a few good hearts who outright said I am doing it to gain attention. Some went ahead and said I write nothing but sad stuff in my blog. Well too bad for you. If you are one among those few i have … Continue reading I Just Write!

A to Z Challenge: C

Charlie's Angels: Well pretty much everyone would have seen this absolute gem on K TV in Tamil. Specifically the dubbing was the best part in this movie. Every dialogue would sound even funnier and sleazier in the tamil version. K TV used to have this program at 7pm every sunday where they discuss some recent … Continue reading A to Z Challenge: C