A Musical(magical) EveningĀ 

Disclaimer:  This is NOT a review of a performance. No!Nope! Not at all. I am not an artist to comment about the art of dancing. Especially classical dance. And also if any of you artists get offended with anything I write here, I am really really sorry. I did not mean it. I am just … Continue reading A Musical(magical) EveningĀ 

My rambles after I watch a movie – Part 2

Here is the part two. Well I am not editing much. Just copy pasting stuff I wrote a long time back. *Veeram: So I am back with the much awaited Veeram review I havent seen Jilla yet.. So Vijay fans can wait a bit more For me Veeram was more of a comedy movie than … Continue reading My rambles after I watch a movie – Part 2