My rambles after I watch a movie – Part 2

Here is the part two. Well I am not editing much. Just copy pasting stuff I wrote a long time back.


So I am back with the much awaited Veeram review
I havent seen Jilla yet.. So Vijay fans can wait a bit more

For me Veeram was more of a comedy movie than sentiment movie… Starting from an unwanted college fight scene till the last of santhanam’s dialogue in the end I laughed a lot…
Ajith was too cool through out the movie and he could as well be considered as a brand ambassador for RayBan glasses… Ella padathulaiyum oru RayBan kannadi potutu style ah nadakraru!! Nalla vela ‘Nanbenda’ madhiri adikadi ‘thambingada’ nu sollama irundhanga…. There were few who told me that it was a movie like Muratukaalai.. Goiyale endha vidhathula indha padam muratukaalai maadhiri irundhuchu??? Just coz both the movies had annan-thambi sentiment doesnt and i mean NEVER means its similar… I was half expecting a second heroine just like in Muratukaalai.
When the brothers first encounter that big moustache guy (i forgot his name already) I was like “adhukulla villain thirundhitane” (add adade aacharya kuri!)
Idhuku mela padathula enna da irukum nu paatha Koperundevi enters the movie and I dunno which part is more illogical… A girl not being teased by her frnds for her historic name, or a bunch of girls spray painting an old temple…
In most of the scenes I was able to sync Tammana with dumb blonde jokes…. Yaar enna sonnalum nambura ponnunga innum indha ulagathula irukangala enna??? I wonder!!!
Seri Ajith paaka handsome ah irukaru, so she fell in love with him. Ajith ku andha ponnoda peru pudichiruku, so he fell in love with her. Athoda vidalame!!! edhuku naduvula andha dhupatta scene?? I was honestly thinking of the following lines when her dhupatta flew off.
“apdiye andha dhupatta parandhu poi dubai la vizhudhu… dubai la oru kai adha kuninju edukudhu… andha kai than tamanna… anga oru song… ‘dhupatta dhupatta… un kannathula appatta appatta’… oru super duet…”
anga oru paatu vekkama irundhadhu directoroda samayojidha buthi nu than sollanum….
there were a few scenes where they had inserted sentiment… like tea kudiche ungala valathan scene by that tea kada bai.. And there i was wondering how a guy worked in that tea shop and now probably owns the entire market and there is that bai who is still with the same tea shop without any development…. So the hero and his brothers go to Tamanna’s house so that her father can evaluate them (which is so stupid)
I mean yes, they leave out violence and all. but why should one change who they are for the sake of love? Love is all about accepting that person for who they are and how they are..
And the worst part of the entire movie were the songs… rendu duet-um ore madhiri ajith ku blazer suit and tammana ku some short skirt stuff kuduthu some foreign location la sutha vitutanga.. and here i said sutha vitanga coz they never danced in those songs.. oru paatachum village la vechirundha nalla irundhurkum.. coz with Ajith’s grey hair and Tammana’s brown hair, they both look as if she was his little niece he saw grow up…
If you are going to do a movie with Ajith, either make him dye his hair (and lose a few pounds from his belly) or choose a heroine who could look a little mature for him… I honestly hated the pair..
There were many characters whose purpose was to come in the first few scenes alone… During the second half I thought they had gotten rid of santhanam for good and that is when he makes his grand entry…. Also I am wondering if Vidyu Lekha is the recent Kovai Sarala like person who pairs up with santhanam… I just hope she is given better roles than just being a pair for santhanam…

On the whole Veeram minus the songs is a good entertainer but after a point in the movie it was concentrated to bring out the hero’s heroism… Not the kinda movie I would pay 150 bucks and watch on the big screen (even though I like watching Ajith)

*Legend Of Hercules:

And two days back I saw Legend of Hercules….
A movie with beautifully choreographed stunts and a well scripted Greek Mythology story…
A typical mass hero movie!!!
You could have fun watching this movie… The 3D was cool and all.
There was so much missing in it. Like the fights were all too short for my own liking(and I am not usually a big fan of stunts and gladiator-like fights) I do like sword fights… And this movie had the scope of more such cool stunts and there was a lack of it.

Also the portrayal of emotions was not that good! When Alcmene feels bad about her husband’s thirst for power, I wonder why she never spoke to him about it for more than a minute. She just straight away runs to the god and then accepts to bear Zeus’s son…
That part made me remember this joke I came across. Which is “Most of the problems in greek mythology had arisen because Zeus couldn’t keep it in his pants”
Also the romance between Hebe and Hercules was not even elaborate!!! The reason he comes back to Greece is Hebe and there is no strong feeling that the audience could feel.
We could feel nothing that the characters felt!! But then I am not sure if we were supposed to feel anything….

Just a simple movie… Nothing more; Nothing less!!!!

*American Hustle:

Lately a few guys (all Ajith fans) asked me if I have seen either Veeram or Jilla. Apparently I couldnt get the tickets and I said no. They all told me that they wanted me to write a review about both the movies. Ok Ajith fans asking me to write a review on Jilla is something I can understand coz I am gonna end up cursing every scene in the film.. But why Veeram? I am still wondering….

And this is not a post about either of the movies.

Just now saw The American Hustle.. Wanted to see what was there in that movie to be nominated for oscar…
I won’t say it was brilliant movie and all. For some reason I was reminded of Soodhu Kavvum the whole time. It was almost like that. You scam people, get a small amount of money from them and go your way. A time comes when you gotta do it big, so you try doing it big and things get messed up. But I honestly was expecting an awesome ending. The end was just too plain for people like me.
A big finish would have been a bang! But then thats me being an ardent tamil film fanatic where the hero takes down 50 bulky hulky guys bare handed! And from the title I was honestly expecting a big hustle in the end!!
And then there was Christian Bale!!! God man!! There were 3 guys sitting next to me who wouldn’t shut up throughout the movie. When the movie started one guy said “this is the batman wala guy” and the other was like “really???” and started laughing… I am still wondering what was so funny to laugh… Here is a guy who had changed his entire look from being batman to some guy with a huge belly and you have to laugh???
I can say that too many scenes were cut off from the film, coz I did not find anything too bad enough for the film to be rated as A. So yeah, a lot of scenes must be removed.
The background music and the songs used were just too good except that one guy started singing along and spoiled the whole good feel… There were a few dialogues that were just too good. But then there was something that was missing in the movie that didnt make me involve and watch it!!

I can’t honestly say that I enjoyed this movie. Don’t know if it was coz the movie as it is wasnt that good, or if it was coz the guys sitting next to me started reading the delayed subtitles aloud to my utmost annoyance. They did stop after I started swearing under my breathe. but that is a different story for a different day!!  All Christian Bale fans must watch this movie though!!! His acting was just too good. and when the movie ended I was asking myself if that was the guy who acted as batman sometime back!!!


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