700 days Of Epilepsy- Part 2

Please read part one to clearly understand this post...   Did I mention that I was not allowed to drive? It made me pretty much dependent on someone if I had to go out. This made life a little difficult when I had to go around in the city for my own needs. I reduced … Continue reading 700 days Of Epilepsy- Part 2

700 days of Epilepsy

This is not an informative article. Nor am I writing it to create awareness of any kind. I am not against the medical system in our country. I have got nothing against doctors or the health care system. This is purely a rant. A detailed essay about one misdiagnosis that left me scarred and scared … Continue reading 700 days of Epilepsy

To my beloved darling…

Dear Cutie,He he... It is funny. You hate being addressed as dear or cutie and that is exactly how I am starting this letter. For all I know you would be frowning at the very words and leave out the entire letter that follows it.You are cute that way. That kiddish frown you make only … Continue reading To my beloved darling…

Bangalore Da… Umm… No…!

The title is pretty much everyone’s reaction while watching the movies. This is applicable especially for the ones who had seen the original Malayalam movie and loved it. I am not saying they ruined the movie. But the casting could have definitely been better. Goodness Gracious??? If you are copying a movie and even the … Continue reading Bangalore Da… Umm… No…!

A day with a fantastical person! 

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "A Storybook Day." You have to spend one day as or with your favourite fictional character. Which one would it be and what would you do? This is too tough. So many characters to choose from and just one day time limit allowed to spend with them. … Continue reading A day with a fantastical person! 

Friend or Foe? 

I am the kind who gets really spooked out when it comes to horror/thriller movies. I mean I refused to attend phone calls for a week after I saw When a Stranger Calls . Yes I am a scaredy cat and I am pretty proud about it. I just saw the "Unfriended" trailer. Seriously I am bummed … Continue reading Friend or Foe?