Bangalore Da… Umm… No…!

The title is pretty much everyone’s reaction while watching the movies. This is applicable especially for the ones who had seen the original Malayalam movie and loved it. I am not saying they ruined the movie. But the casting could have definitely been better.

Goodness Gracious??? If you are copying a movie and even the music, why the hell didn’t you copy the dance moves? Kalyanathuku aadunga da na edho ezhavu oorvalathula nenjula adichitu aadra madhiri oru step. First and foremost flop will be Thodakam Mangalyam Song only.

Bobby Simha can portray a guy who is a little ignorant in looks and all. But then to portray a guy fresh out of college, who has to be called cute and all? Nah! I would have watched some other new face do it and feel better. The guy did a good job with the role. But a lot of us could not accept him to be the nice Kuttan/Kutty who loves his village so much and still goes out to Bangalore to have fun with his cousins.

The next bad casting would be Arya. I am sure almost everyone will agree with this. That guy cannot act. Much less act like a person who pretends to feel no pain. And how long are you cinema people gonna fool us that Arya is only 22 years old on movies? He has become an uncle and should graciously do roles that would fit him. After Arindhum Ariyamalum I haven’t seen this fellow act. Nope! And why in the world would they cast this face for such an acclaimed movie? God only knows!

Don’t even get me started on Saranya… God… One cannot do this much over acting and get away with it. Compared to that I felt Sri Divya’s dubbing was okay. Although the nasal voice could get on anyone’s nerve easily it could be forgiven when compared to the National Award winning actor’s so called acting.

There will be this five minute love story which will be almost magical for all of us. Even though the ex-girlfriend character comes on screen for a very little time she will make us all miss her by the time the narration for that story gets over. An anglo Indian girl who dresses up in the most skimpy dresses is called Grace and is played by Samantha. My unknown hatred for her made me scoff. Even if she had done a good job, I still hate her. End of story.

Wait is that all? Have I thrashed all the actors? No… There are these saving charms called Rana and Prakash Raj. How can I forget my darling Parvathy. Atleast they had the sense to retain her. Given that most of the casting from Malayalam were known faces in Tamil they could have tried to retain a few more people. It just wasn’t as good as the original. They have tried. And try is all they have done. All the girls swooning over Rana and laughing the minute Sri Divya starts talking was a little comical at the theatre.

With some creativity they have made Arjun to be the guy who makes art from waste. A selfie addict. Good… But if a guy has cutting pliers in his bag (Even if he is a mechanic) I will get a little worried. Dialogues were thankfully penned well. Was not a literal translation of the original. What they did retain from the original was the background score. Which compensated for the loss created by the actors and their poor dubbing.

A feel good movie turned into a not so feeling well movie!


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