Cook Off Chennai!

I am sure a lot of you would watch Top Chef or Master Chef programs on the TV. C’mon who wouldn’t like to watch mouth watering dishes being made by people who are not professionals or semi professionals? That and the judging part where they taste one spoonful and talk about it for an hour?

Have you ever felt a little pride when you see an Indian name on the contestants list in those shows? Its funny. You don’t even know that person. And heck that person would have never even visited India in his entire life. Yet we root for him/her.

But don’t we all feel that why isn’t something like this happening in our city? Well we just don’t follow the news much then. A city wide cooking contest has been happening every year for the past three years now.

SuperChef Chennai!


SuperChef Chennai has a city wide, high profile, competitive cook-off for amateur and semi professional cooks. It was the first-of-its-kind in Chennai in 2013 in distilling 500 registrants into 50 finalists put to the ultimate test of live cooking under the glare of media and celebrity judges at The Park Hotels, Chennai.

Now this year the event is going to happen on the 26th and 27th of February. Yup! Just a few more days to go.

This time it is even more special. Given that they are putting up a carnival for food lovers which is going to be a a semi-exclusive offering of out-of-the-box food vendors to Chennai foodies. Around 30-35 stalls have been planned out of which 10 would be for International Cuisine, 10 would be for Home Cooks and 10 would be Local Out of the Box Vendors. The funds collected from this carnival is going to be given used for flood relief. Isn’t that even more wonderful? You are going to get yummy food and your money is going to be used for a good cause.

I am even more interested in the winning recipes actually.

I was going through the winning recipes of last year and was amazed (amused) to see stuff like Paneer Corn Cheesecake, Strawberry Tomato Cheesecake, Double decker rice with curry… There is a category for kids as well people. This time the judges are Chef Aditya Bal, Chef Vicky Ratnani and Chef Sanjay Thumma!

It is going to be interesting!


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