Yemma Neerja

When you are making a film based on real life incidents one should try to select casting based on the actual characters. So that it accentuates the actual story.

The movie Neerja went wrong in that very aspect. It was supposed to be a movie depicting the heroic quick wilted actions of a stewardess that saved hundreds of life from a terrorist attack. Sounds pretty serious right?

But my friends and I were laughing as if it was a comedy movie. We couldn’t connect with most of the characters. I did not feel sad when the protagonist died. I cried when everyone around her cried. The people selected for side roles left a better impression on me than the main characters.

Was it a documentary? Was it a commercial movie? Everyone coming out of the movie will have this question. Because as much as this movie had songs and stuff by the end they turned it into a documentary film by running news reel sort of clips showing the real Neerja Bhanot’s achievements and stuff.

Oh god who the hell cast those terrorist fellows? Goiyale enna vida adhigama may vechitu avan panna comedy than irukardhuleye utter ah irundhuchu.(He had applied more kohl than I would have and made a fool out of himself with  his poor acting skills which turned out to be comical)

The terrorist did not make me feel terrorized. I was laughing at him. Not just me. My entire group of friends were laughing.

Given that the film is about a real incident, you could have made the movie a little realistic. First of all, the life of an air hostess is not that easy. Second, Neerja could not have been the ONLY person sensible enough to take all the decisions? Seriously? I understand the movie is about her. But there were other people and of course they would also have done something. Right?

Also one needs to know when to freaking end the film. You know.. to leave an impact… You can’t bloody keep on going about the dead. There was a huge impact when they bring back the corpse of Neerja. But then it dies out faster than the auxiliary power of that flight when they keep talking about how brave she was again and again and again. Yes! I get it. She was brave. But this is still a movie and you need to finish it… Please.. Mudinga da…

Aaga motham engalala mudiyala.. ezhundhu poitom!


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