Just a frenzy!

I really don’t have the habit of reading the newspaper. Even if I was handed one, I conveniently just browse the entertainment supplement and keep it aside. Past three days someone has been delivering The Hindu paper at my door step even though I haven’t subscribed. So today I thought let me read through it. See whats happening around.

Among the hoards of advertisements there were mostly political stuff given that elections are nearing. And then news about people dying or dead. One such news caught my eyes. About the three girls who were burnt alive way back in 2000. The offenders were punished with death penalty a while back. But then now the court has reverted the punishment and given them life sentence saying they did not plan on burning the bus. It was just the mob psychology that made them do it.

My first reaction was WTF… I mean who would tolerate this injustice? So in the heat of the moment anyone can kill anyone and just get life sentence where he would be happily spending his time and in sometime the same government will release on basis of behavioural conduct! So there.. We have yet another killer on the loose!

For people who had read my previous posts, they would know I was cyber bullied up to the point where I almost shut out everyone from my life and turned into a zombie without ugly scars. One of the people who started off the offending post came to me a year later and apologised.

When I asked them why they did what they did and what pleasure did they get out of it? They just said “We didn’t think. In the heat of that moment, I started it. Only after I saw how much you were getting affected physically did I start feeling bad. It was sort of the cool thing to do at that time. So I did it.”

This person did not have anything against me whatsoever. But they did it to look cool among everyone else. They did it to prove themselves to other worthless people. Just like how those goons thought throwing a petrol bomb in a populated road was a good idea. It felt good at that time I guess. Well they never care about who lost what.

One of the victim’s family mentioned that they have been suffering for the past 16 years. Isn’t that a long period of time to cry over someone’s death? The girl’s mother has been bed ridden ever since. The father is devastated. Even now!

They are unable to move on. All because of someone who acted on their adrenaline rush to get one extra packet briyani…

See this is why I don’t read the news paper… Makes me wonder a lot and ruin my day…


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