I had a blast there!

Its not everyday that you are invited to a Ranch which lets you try out all the recreational activities along with your close buddies. Getting a cab to the place did cost a bomb. But then it sure was worth it by the end of the day.

 We were welcomed with a nice refreshing welcome drink at the Wild Tribe Ranch. Given the hot afternoon it was pretty good although I honestly have no idea what that drink was. It was just nice. The tour began with the Daredevil Ramp.

 No one could have come up with a better fitting name for that ramp. A maze with loads of obstacles in two levels and you have to cross them to go high up. And in the uppermost level is the zipliner (which wasn’t opened yet) where you can go woohooo towards the beach. Jumping like tarzan over tyres and log blocks, walking on a rope, net were some of the obstacles seen there. They have the person in a harness for safety purposes. I was standing a safe distance from the whole thing. I am not really this physical activity person.

After that was the trampoline jump and the ejection bunjee. Real adrenaline secreting stuff those are. One is sure to scream their lungs out on those.

As we walk past those we find ourself among a series of Takeshi’s Castle like stuff. Typical Takeshi’s castle type! Riding bull, Dodge and run, surfing and bungee running. Now that bungee running is a sadistic thing most younger siblings would have experienced. Where our elder siblings would hold onto our clothes and won’t let us run towards the sweets.

Now if one wasn’t already dizzy from all these and activities the heat combined, they had a conspecial traption to make your head spin. The gyroscope!

The best thing (according to me) there was the paint ball arena. The guides were pretty helpful with the game and strict with the game rules as well. They didn’t leave people to just shoot their hearts out (which usually happens in paint ball) It was fun and safe. I did happen to get shot at a minute into the game.

So as everyone will be covered in sweat and paint, we do need a place to cool off right. They have a small swimming pool as well for that very purpose.

One cannot ignore the dirt bike available there. Although the track is pretty short, it still is fun to drive that thing. Hard, but fun!

Now that I have spoken about all the games there, I would like to talk about the CEO of The Wild Tribe Ranch. Mr.Satish Kumar was not just a great host for us crazy bunch. But he was pretty attentive at any comments that were given. The Ranch which was previously located at Ponneri had been shifted to ECR for better reach. He explained to us about their Mascot MicMac, a monkey. We got it why they chose a monkey as soon as we saw the Devil’s Ramp.

Because of the time constraint we did not get a chance to try out all the games. So by the end of the day we all left with a promise to come back and aching foot.

Proud to be part of this close knit circle.. #ChennaiBloggers 

Kick The Fear @ The Wild Tribe Ranch!  https://www.facebook.com/wildtriberanch/

Photo Courtesy: Jothi Vel Moorthy and Somu


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