A New World? Seriously?

If you do not know how the Bible story happens or if you want a parody of the jesus story you could choose this awesomatic of the aaromale movie Zero.

If you watch the trailer you would think this is a fantasy movie and go in hoping there will be scary stuff. But what you get is nothing but sick and stupid.

It starts off as a usual romance thing with the hero and the heroine slowly trickles into a psychological thriller. It would have worked wonderful if they had stuck to it. It was more scary while it lasted that way. But no! The script writer was so eager to release the movie on good friday that they needed the spiritual turn for that movie.

So in just one scene psycho movie goes into supernatural. See I am not using the word horror here. Because this movie is soooo freaking spiritual and preaches Christianity in such a level that they can screen it in some mass prayer sessions also.

Now don’t get into the fight mode that I am mocking a particular religion movie or anything. I do love Christianity. But there is method to narrate a story. If you are going to drag it out as much as possible, even the best sci-fi movies would be boring as hell.

The plot is pretty simple. A love struck couple get married and settle down in a cozy house. The girl is not accepted by her father in law because her mother died of a strange sickness and he was scared that she might also get it and ruin his son’s life. The girl begins to behave abnormally. Steals all pink stuff like a mean girl on Wednesday. Seems to get the same symptoms as her mother. Goes into a hallucinated world and almost kills her husband. Now all of this might seem like she is suffering from Schizophrenia. And would need medical help.

Except when she is taken out for counselling she started doing circus tricks that scares the shit out of the doctor and until her eyes turn a scary green the guy is also stupid enough to not think of a ghost haunting them.

And there comes the director’s twist… This ain’t any ghost that has taken over her body. But the very own Lilith that the Bible mentions here and there. No back story is given as to why she chose this particular body or this particular date to start a new world or anything. Would have made a little more sense. And you know how the hero saves the heroine from the all too powerful almost demonic Lilith? He touches her with the Harry Potter touch of love and the same woman who says she is much more than Jesus himself can’t do much. I am sorry as cheesy as it sounds, it was a bit comical there.

A huge mass murder has been happening worse than resident evil range and these guys go with two pastors in a van and think a bit of holy water would help. This is not freaking constantine people! Goiyale! At least that Keanu Reeves is in it. The one part I am thankful for is there wasn’t much gore.

Final touch was the last straw I could take. After all the mass murderous of the Kali yugam happens and somehow God comes down to conquer Lilith, he has to freaking become the couple’s baby? Yov!!! Don’t you have a better job to do? That couple has no money or proper job and is already living off the father figure. Idhula one more character.

Dear Sweet God,

This is a sincere letter from a girl who has been wishing to meet god for a long time. Please please please do not be born here as a child. You will regret creating us all and will probably bring apocalypse within a year. Better weed off stuff using some 2012 range shit and then make humans understand the worth of life. It is not suggestion. Just a thought to ponder about.

Free advise. Keta kelunga. Kekati ponga!

On the whole Zero is a movie you cannot watch if you have zero tolerance. Amen!

Vitta Hallelujah nu sollirupanga pola..


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