A to Z Challenge: N

National Treasure:  One of those Nicholas Cage movies that you wish could have been made in a better way. I think I saw it first on Star movies and then coincidentally the very next day it was shown in Vijay TV in tamil. 😂 Just like any other country USA also has its own buried … Continue reading A to Z Challenge: N


A to Z Challenge: O

I have been pondering on this letter for a while now. I have three movies in this list. Well wth! Let me talk about all three.   Om Shanti Om:  For some strange reason the Shanthi does not have a H in it. Reminds me of a stand up comedy show I saw where he … Continue reading A to Z Challenge: O

A to Z Challenge: R

Ratatouille I sure had such a hard time learning to pronounce this name at first. I was still in school and that was pretty much the time broadband internet was introduced. My brother somehow managed to download a very nice print of this movie and copied it to a CD. Since I loved anything related … Continue reading A to Z Challenge: R

A to Z Challenge: S

Today there's gonna be two black comedy films that I enjoyed watching. Seven Psychopaths  A movie about this writer trying to finish a screenplay based on psycho killers. He gets help from two of his friends who kidnap rich people's dogs get ransom for a living. Most of the movie comprises of jokes that would … Continue reading A to Z Challenge: S