A-Z Challenge: Z

I did not have time to do a Theme Reveal Post. I once started A-Z and couldn’t continue. Stopped after 19 posts I think. You can find them here. So when April was nearing I thought maybe I should start it again and this time finish it properly.

This year its going to be about movies. Movies that made me laugh, cry, scowl and repeat. There are only a few movies that would be so good that you won’t mind watching it again and again. And then there will be these movies that will make you stop and watch while you are mindlessly surfing through the channels. I am going to give out my compilation of movies that I wouldn’t mind watching again if it is being aired on television. These are not movie reviews. Nope! Nah uh!
Just the story behind how I watched this certain movie and why I like it. Nothing more; Nothing Less.
After around three hours of mind breaking search and torturing my fellow movie buddies managed to put up a decent list for the entire month. Lets hope that I continue and finish it.

I am doing a reverse challenge here. Z-A Blogging Challenge. Well whats the fun in following the huge crowd?

So today’s letter is Z.

It took me quite some time to come up with movie titles starting in Z. Seriously there aren’t that many good movies in this alphabet.

Fun Fact: Did you know that there is a movie called Z-Men?

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Hindi version of YOLO which made most guys go “Machi we should definitely plan a trip like this…” and girls go gaga over Hrithik Roshan and his character. I am sure most of you would have seen it so I am skipping the story session. I remember watching a really bad print and left it half way because the print was really bad. I also remember starting to watch this movie because all my known friends ditched me and went to see it on big screen. But then I left it that way and didn’t see this film for another 6 months or so until someone mentioned it and said they also wanted to go to the La Tomatina festival some day with some friends. So I got a better print of the movie and watched it on my huge TV at home.

Even now I see guys talk about planning a trip to some place with friends as soon as one of them gets engaged. Sadly most of those trips happen only in conference calls and that is it. Pavam la..

What I really liked in this movie was the character development. Arjun character alone. How he is such a workaholic. How he learns to loosen up. And finally yaaruko kalyanam nu aarambichu avanuku than kalyanam nu mudichadhu!
But.. for me it is a one time watch.


So the second movie for the day is


A WTF comedy movie where you will go WTF almost towards the end when Zoolander gives his stunning look called the magnum. Goiyale then what does Stupefy do?

If you need the plot you can read it at the wiki page like I did for this movie when it got boring for me. I think I started watching it because of Owen Wilson. On a lazy Sunday afternoon watch sort of shitty movies played in Sony Pix channel. This is one such kaaviyam.

They were pretty much conveying a fact like models are all dumb and attracted only to bodily stuff. I do remember one scene where Ben Stiller undo the heroine’s hair bun/pony tail? And says that it will lead to early wrinkles on forehead area. Oh I am still following that rule like I am supposed to follow bhagavat gita.

A pretty pointless movie that can make you laugh from time to time and then hope they don’t make a sequel. But they have. Oh god!


One thought on “A-Z Challenge: Z

  1. I know I’m commenting in the opposite way but your take on the movies is hilarious 😀 Even more so since I know you. Eagerly awaiting the other posts 🙂


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