A to Z Challenge: Y

So here I will be discussing two more movies that I had enjoyed some years back.

The first one is not a well known movie. But a well known concept.

Yennai Theriyuma

A telugu dubbed movie that was also released in tamil back then. That was a time when a lot of movies came out with the concept of short term memory. The condition mentioned in this movie was portrayed in 50 First Dates(I saw the telugu version of this in Zee Tamil once)

A movie where the hero is a short term memory patient and he gets accused of killing his own uncle. And the real turns out to be a big twistu! Well I was not able to predict it then. So yeah it was a good movie.

I remember watching some thirai vimarsanam on TV and they mentioned this movie. So I thought let’s watch it. For the dialogues were pretty good. Although the heroines and their voices were comical it is something you can look over. This movie is more famous for its kuthu song before the climax.

Next in today’s list is

Yeh jawaani hai diwani 

A fun filled youthful movie that made almost everyone go awww or cry or laugh or just smile. Romantic drama but unfortunately for me most of the scenes which were supposed to make a lot of people feel so many emotions I was just sitting with a poker face. Maybe partially due to the reason that there were no subtitles and I was understanding everything from the little Hindi I learnt.

Oh I did watch it on my laptop. Perks of living alone makes you watch movies all alone sitting in a darkened room because you are too lazy to get up and switch on the light. It sure is a popcorn movie where you would finish the popcorn without much of a problem given that it is a pretty long film. Dialogues, songs, story, screenplay everything is lengthy except for Deepika Padukone’s out fits. Made me question my choices of party wear big time.

So until Monday then!


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