A to Z Challenge: X

One thing I learnt about this letter is that DO NOT make a google search for the movie XXX if you are at work or using someone else’s computer. Stuff that should be searched using incognito mode comes up invariably and took me a while to figure out that I have to mention the name Xander to avoid squirm worthy google results.

Well today’s movies are going to be X-Men and XXX Xander.


A Vin Diesel movie I happened to watch on a boring Saturday night in some movie channel. While I thought it was Fast and Furious when I stayed in that channel it looked pretty different from the car themed movie. Turns out this fellow plays an under cover agent and uses his brain to do some stuff and save the world/city? I forgot which one he saves. But I do remember that he disarms a chemical based weapon while he is still on the missile. And it sort of blasts in the river contaminating? it? Well a lot of places lost logic. But hey! It was one of those mindless movies you watch when you don’t have anything else to do and there is nothing else better on TV.

And while searching for it I came to know a sequel has been planned for 2017 release. That too with the bollywood actress.. Oh this is going to be so much fun!



Of course the letter X without the legendary X-Men series? Pretty much everyone will have the absolute favorites in this and the ones that is hated by all… So which one is the most hated one for me? Well I won’t say hated. But the one film that feels like the absolutely ignored middle child would be X-men: The Last Stand. 

Because according the sequel X-men: Days of the Future Past none of the characters in the previous movie die.  Goiyale… Apram edhuku da avalo buildup?  And my most favorite would be obviously  X-men:First Class. The ultimate prequel. Hugh Jackman is one poor guy who is not being accepted as anything but wolverine. He has some great acting skills except all goes into slicing people with those blades. 

Hopefully the upcoming movie would be better! 



2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: X

  1. I can just imagine your review on the Vin Diesel sequel movie 😀 Also, if I’m not mistaken, there’s another X-Men movie coming up, isn’t it? Or is it related to the Wolverine movies? As always I’m all muddled.


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