A to Z Challenge: W

Okay sorry I couldn’t write a post yesterday. So today I will be publishing two posts mostly.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 

A classic movie which I saw in Pogo channel after a huge fight over the remote control with my brother. Okay before you all think that this movie was aired on Movies Now, I am talking about the old willy wonka movie that DOES NOT have Johnny Depp in it. That happens to be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I just noticed the name difference though. 😂 

A movie that was so fascinating but still had a moral to it and all. With the limited technology they had at that time it sure was one awesome flick for kids and adults. 
When a Stranger Calls

Okay so I had continues night shifts during the month of November. Which also happened to be Halloween month. For me I didn’t have to go to office for the graveyard shifts. I could connect from home. In order to prevent myself from falling asleep I would switch on some random movie channel on the TV and would keep the volume a little low. There would usually be subtitles na. 

So since it was the scary month, the channel dudes decided to put all sorts of horror flicks after 10pm. And sadly for me that’s when my shift starts. That is how I managed to watch most of the horror movies I won’t ever watch alone that too at night. The trick was to keep the volume low/mute so that u r not shocked by the sudden loud noises and all. 

When a Stranger Calls is a movie I saw much before this Halloween. And refused to attend any phone calls on my landline for the following week. But I saw it again this time with very low volume and it was not at all scary. 

But it is a creepy flick though. Bloody hell. He kills everyone. Thank god I don’t have a landline now that too without a caller ID 😂😂😂😂 *vadivel voice: epdi ellam samalika vendi iruku*


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