A to Z Challenge: V

Well this is something I am going to enjoy. Both the movies are done by the same lead actor in a totally different periods. Both movies deal with pretty deep issues in a light-hearted way.

Varumaiyin Niram Sigappu

A movie that portrays how three youngsters deal with their unemployment in the big bad city of Delhi. It is a pretty depressing movie because half the time we see the characters deal with hunger and mask their tummy growls. The hero Ranga could be seen as this straight forward guy who could be described as the “Pozhaika theriyadha” category. He keeps qouting Bharathiyar’s songs every now and then to make things more interesting. Devi, a struggling stage artist tries to put up with a gambler for a father and a pervert boss who thinks he is the lord of all things.

My most favorite part in this movie is the climax scene with Thenga Srinivasan making a cameo.

Balachander did it again in this classic. Tying up all the loose ends and presenting the movie with a nice little bow.


Vasool Raja MBBS

Now who wouldn’t like this movie. Starting from the nurse character till Prakash raj every one would have acted so well that it has become such an enjoyable movie.

Doctor than pesaren. Doctor MBBS!

Margabandhu modhal sandhu.

Lolai illa. Lolai pakkthula nikkura en velayi.

Dialogues like this penned by Crazy Mohan and delivered with style by Kamal Haasan… Oh god. This movie released when I was in High school. But I do remember writing down the lyrics for Pathukulla number onnu sollu during maths class and got stuck at one line so passed the notebook to the other side of the class to get it filled by a friend.

Oh! Those were the times. “Feelings” had an altogether different emotion after watching this movie.

One of my all time favourites.


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