A to Z Challenge: T

Oh Boy! It is going to be fun today. One of my most most absolutely favorite movies in the list.


One of those recent movies almost everyone could relate to. A story of how a passionate story teller tries to break away from his mundane routine and chases his dream thanks to the wake up call from his lover who rejects his marriage proposal.

While Matargasthi song makes you shake it, Agar Tum Saath will make you sit and think about every life decision you have made. While the movie was enticing and enjoyable the ending was a tad bit dragging. When the Ved character jumps up in the meeting and does all comical stuff I remember giving a similar dare to a friend the next day. He never did it of course and he still owes me ice-cream.
Its sweet how Tara has to initiate most of the stuff in that relationship. But then the dialogues were not that powerful for me to sympathize with Ved at most times. Only when he finally narrates his story to his father do I feel something for that poor artist stuck in a robotic routine.

Not Spectacular enough for me!


Thillu Mullu (1981)

Now I mentioned the year because a remake of this wonderful beauty was made in recent times and I don’t want people to confuse this with that not so good flick.

A full and full comedy movie that has Rajini playing the lead role. Each and every scene making everyone erupt into laughter. Chandran goes for a job interview and pretends to be not so himself to impress his employer. And to cover up his stunt with friends he lies that he has a twin brother. The rest is how he balances both the persona’s and manages to get together with the love of his life. Thenga Srinivasan being this strict boss/father expects everything to be ideal.

The best part about this movie is I got it almost by heart that if any of you start a dialogue I might as well finish your sentence. Every single actor utilizing even the smallest of screen times given for them. The boy acting as Kattabomman character is just too too good.

A friend of mine and I were discussing this particular dialogue uttered by the hero, about music. Since she is a music enthusiast she even wrote a post based on it.

The entire movie is just one guy starting off with one lie and adds lie after lie to cover that one up.

“Mudhalla sonnadhu than thaai poi. Apram sonnadhellam adhoda kuttyigal”


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