A to Z Challenge: S

Today there’s gonna be two black comedy films that I enjoyed watching.

Seven Psychopaths 

A movie about this writer trying to finish a screenplay based on psycho killers. He gets help from two of his friends who kidnap rich people’s dogs get ransom for a living.

Most of the movie comprises of jokes that would be called sick comedy and you really won’t feel like laughing or even smiling for most scenes. The beauty of this film is that they will show how these psychopaths view their actions. And how some of them justify their actions. One of the guys would be a killer who was said to be dead after driving his victim to suicide. They interview some killers and decide on the stories to be included in the script.

My favorite part is when the protagonist listens to the suggestions in the audio and the narration about the last Psychopath!


Soodhu Kavvum 

Now this is another one of those rare tamil movies that exploits a not so common genre. Black Comedy! Being an ardent fan of Vijay Sethupathi I managed to watch this movie on the first day of its release. Starting from the volleyball girl to the pizza eating CM every single character in the movie makes you laugh more than you have to. I remember discussing those news scroll messages in a fb group weeks after the movie was released also. Such details filled up in a hilarious way…

A dear friend of mine wrote a blog post praising this movie so much. Nalan Kumarasamy safely raised the standards in an alarming way through his debut movie.

Just this scene makes the movie even more epic…


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